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Bucket please …

“In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upwardly mobile”

Hunter S. Thompson, The Great Shark Hunt, 1979

I wrote about the great German politicians and persons to be respected, who lately fell into disgrace (here) in MAY of this year 2011, namely the former secretary of war, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg. Guttenberg is the one, who copied and pasted his whole dissertation; he was promoted to the doctorate by the university of Bayreuth, and summa cum laude became doctor iuris.
He had to be stepped down, and with much fanfare moved with his family to the US, sometime in the summer of this year, if I remember right.
Now we have November. The baronet last week made his first public appearance at the Halifax International Security Conference, where he staged himself as the critic, independent, honourable, conservative.
The public prosecutor of  Hof yesterday announced that the proceedings against the plagiator is discontinued, because there “is no harm” – the defendant has to pay 20.000 Euro to a charity, what is already done. Please note: That means that he goes unpunished, without conviction, ohne Vorstrafe.
Today we have to face “the first big interview” as lead story in DIE ZEIT, a former honourable weekly, head editor diLorenzo unashamed provides the stage for the “aristocrat’s” showmanship.
And as I just read there, in the coming days a book with the whole baronet-blabla will be thrown at us, released in a catholic publishing house.
The hillbillies in Oberfranken really have the effrontery to speak of this cheap fraudster as Lichtgestalt, a shining light for the conservative party. The bloke with not one single word said “sorry” or admitted to have stolen the whole damn text, he always speaks of “a mistake”.
And he’ll get through with this. Impudence wins.

Or, as H.S.Th. put it: The scum is always rising.


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  1. This! This is what the Occupy Wall Street guys should be protesting against ……the 1% swines that have the objective to gain power, money and prestige without moral or ethical concern and have the means to have a “get out of jail free” card.

  2. No way, you are too honest, von LX.

    It’s an interesting mixture, power money and prestige, and I have not understood how it works, i.e. what causes what. – and I’m sure I will not get it in the remaining years, LGS.

  3. Hello Tim, I am not quite sure, but I think its your first comment over here – thank you and welcome! I agree with what you and Nurse Myra say, “the public” has a short memory, and sadly the attention span of a mouse.
    But it is not even one damn year since the Lichtgestalt had to be dragged from his office! Of course there are comebacks; yes the man is articulate and eloquent; but it is show: The man consists of a shiny surface, a polished image – and exactly now we wittness how the little dent, his goddam fraud made into the white knight’s armour, is polished out: Smiling sunnyboy made a mistake, ah never mind … its disgusting.
    I always thought that diLorenzo, the head of DIE ZEIT, the flagship of good journalism in Germany with our only elder statesman, former chancellor Helmut Schmidt as one of the editors, that saied diLorenzo would have enough brains and balls to steer clear of such a Schmierenkomödie (farce is not strong enough!), but i am proofed wrong.
    Anyway. That is that.

  4. Hi Mago, I think you commented on mine once a while back, but that’s not important. And we seem to be in Google+ circles. I know very little about domestic German politics, but it doesn’t sound much different from here.

  5. Via Z and Macy, yes? Normally I do not write about politics here. If I do, its about politicans, persons. The case of zu Guttenberg makes me angry, less because he’s a politician – he also could hold a rank in some industry; I think what angers me, is that he manipulates his image (what is not necessarily bad), and seemingly everybody plays along. He took his doctorate (in law) by fraud, its as simple as that. The university board came to the conclution that the forging of the thesis (promotion in 2007) was done not by mistake, but by malice (Vorsatz). The title is taken away, he spits out some cash and that is it. Less than 8 months later there is an open public speculation going on, whether this fraudster should “come back into “our” (german) politics”.
    Ethics, anyone?
    The political personnel is not the best around here. There are some people, who are simply lazy (what I can tolerate to a certain degree, because I am a lazy sod too), who are a bit dim and came into their positions because they are members of the right party (what is a shame, but at least they do no harm), or are good lobbyists (they may at least understand one area well, depends on whatever industry pays them).
    But zu Guttenberg (and in a way our terrible secretary of foreign affairs Westerwelle) imho represents the victory of form over function, there is only wrapping, no more content, a blinder.
    Ah fuck it, this aristocratic bastard is not worth my anger. And if what is called “public opinion” embraces this lousy phrase monger, than the (re)public deserves nothing better.
    Sorry Tim, but I’m really pissed off.

    Now I must play qbz.

  6. Sorry, I calmed down now, Austere. Its the dishonesty and taken-for-grantedness this man (and some others) shows: Rules are for others, self-service for me.
    The fact that an academic grade is involved touches a nerve a bit.

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