As much as I liked the previous template or theme, Manifest by Jim BARRAUD, I had to change it: The fonts were too small in the long run. I think I started with Freshy by Julien deLUCA, moved to Pilcrow by Automattic, then Manifest and now Comet by Frostpress.

Changed to Vostok, I wanted the one-column-with-fixed-width thing back. And I like the orange.

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9 thoughts on “Decor

  1. Honky Hunk?

    What a rare guest – glad that you like it Raine! How are you, how are things going?

    … I have the bucket still here from yesterday, Eryl – just no point and shoot please …

  2. It was hard for me to find the “Comments” on this template, it is light gray on white. It’s also weird that in my email it calls this post “1782” but then the page says Decor”.

    I find I struggle more with WordPress, Sometimes I am tempted to go back to Blogger just for ease of the Dashboard functions. I don’t know, maybe if I posted more often I would learn to adjust, but I just have so many other things to learn and keep up with. I’m sure you understand, you know how it is with these things.

    Take Care,

  3. I have no idea why this one shows up as “1782”, Melanie – maybe because I inserted the title only after I had noticed that I forgot it. Yes, one has to look for comments and tags and such all new … one of these things :)

    I could embiggerize the fonts (I use firefox) on screen, LGS, but it would always switch back to “normal” again. This is a very small screen (15 Zoll, but flat) from stoneage. I had to play with the contrast and brightness too. After all the fonts simply were too small for me to read comfortably, and I changed it. I choose this one, because of the large amount of grey – I found the white a bit stressful for the eyes lately.

    The images are always from me, Austere, I now have to choose others in respect to the new format.

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