Sunday Music

Last evening was a bit longer as usual. Friends invited me to join them on the tour through notable wine cellars of Würzburg (Nacht der offenen Weinkeller). Under the Residenz we could walk around still fairly easy, they had two bands, and in one room even a classic interlude – that may give you an idea of the size of the site. We went down the street to the Bürgerspital, and it became crowded. We decided to leave, just in time to slip out of the gates that had to be closed for 15 minutes, because there simply was no more space and room for visitors. Next station was the Juliusspital, where we had to join the queue and were quickly admitted, but we left nearly immediately: People were crammed in the cellar like the proverbial sardines in the can.
We went to a nearby Weinstube, sat in the empty backroom and enjoyed our wine, an hour or so later people started to drop by, who also had enough from getting pushed through cellars. It was an unexpected rush. When I went to the bus station for the last bus home the inner city was still filled with people walking everywhere.

So maybe I feel this afternoon a bit fragile and prefer gentle and relaxed music. Here’s a song with the formidable Suzi SOLIDOR (Ger., Eng.), hope you enjoy it.

Have a great week!



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I can imagine the crowds for something like that given the crush at the Weihnachtsmarkt Glühwein vendors here! (Kirschpunsch, mmmmm!)

    Great musical selection!

  2. Just wondering if you have any update on Kat? She posted again last week but has not replied to my attempts at email or leaving comments on her post. Still it would seem that she is well and perhaps too pre-occupied (hopefully having fun) for the likes of us. :)

  3. Ha – Kirschpunsch, was sonst?!

    Picnic in the park is not possible at the moment, Nurse Myra, we’d have difficulties finding the park for fog …

    Same here, LGS: I saw her first post in weeks and commented, but moderation is on and silence fell again. But its a sign of live, and I guess she’s too busy with something, maybe volunteering or such.

  4. A wine cellar expedition. that’s my kind of adventure! Though like you i find crowds a little difficult to deal with… I guess it’s that “Sardine” feeling I get.
    Lovely choice of musique my friend… Thank you. It provided me with a delightful little interlude before returning to the Phaff!

  5. No doubt about this, Joyce.

    “Crawl” was avoided, Mitzi. I think York is heaving at least since Boswell’s times …

    Awh dear Princess, a little splash of green on this cat fur print wouldn’t be sooo bad … *ducks* Great to see that you get it all ready in time!

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