Sunday Music

The last week was exhausting. Some things did not go well and smooth. Someone adopted the wrong tone, too much room for interpretation was left, and a project was overdue: Deadlines are fine, if all involved would accept them. And when something gets pushed back month after month after month, the best project may become a bit stale. One may ask, why the heck one breaks his back while others seemingly give a damn, and show up in the last possible moment with the attitude to “save” and “correct” all the crap that was done – assumption comes in many forms. Anyway – it’s over. No need to pick at the corpse.

The great Emil G. GILELS (1916-1985) (Ger., Eng.) plays the short and beautiful La Rappel des Oiseaux by RAMEAU (Ger., Eng.) – hope you enjoy it. Let’s hope the coming week will be peaceful and productive.



P.S. Any suggestions for the background colour? I’m still not content with it and would like to hear suggestions by my dear readers!

16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Agh…I don’t know! My brain is frazzled by APA format. I hate doing papers using this format, it sucks, blows, and bites! That being said, wonderful musical choice. As far as I’m concerned, any background that doesn’t give me a headache or isn’t hard to read against is okay. My late paternal grandmother always bemoaned that I had zero decorating or fashion sense.

  2. You are in the middle of producing a paper, Fayce? I had to look up “APA-Format“, and learned that it is meant to “move the idea forward with a minimum of distraction and a maximum of precision.” This sounds a bit suspicious to me … Thank you for the feedback on the colour, maybe I’ll have some experiments.

  3. Oh …, thank you LX – you make me look more intelligent as I’m really are. I was thinking of the colour more as kind of “dirty mud”. MAybe my screen is really outdated now …

  4. Assuming you mean you’re looking for opinions on your yellow background colour, some of what you say melts into it…what about light green or blue with a dark text colour? You need contrast,light and dark. But that’s just my feeling. Hope things are well.

  5. Exactky, Chris, the background colour … I can not change the colour of the text. I had already a kinda green, but it was looking a lot like Latschenkieferschaumbad. Nice word, eh?

  6. I prefer darker blues, but this blue is really lovely, brings out the text. Makes it easier to read.

    And good luck with the project and motivating the people to do what they said they would do (probably one of my pet peeves).

  7. Maybe I’ll make it darker a notch or two … the problem was not in as much that people di not what they saied the’d do, but more that some did more as they should, Roses.

    Ich habe zu danken, dear Z.

    Clients. Sometimes I’m prone to the Luger school of customer relationship management. So just stay on the sofa, best thing to do on some days. I must start to seriously work on g+ and have a package of letters to transscribe. And I want to bring some pics of original sources – I’ll let you know when these are available MsScarlet.

  8. Robin’s egg blue… very spring-like to me. The music is lovely… relaxing. Although I did prefer the red you had before. Why can you not change the colour of the text? I know in blogger you can. Not in WordPress?

  9. I liked the red and the mago-mango too, I am still not sure about it, but I guess the blue is working better. I traveled through some themes, but as impressive and nice as they are, what it really IS you see only when you use it. The actual one, Vostok, is without trallalah, but the colour of the font is weak – no I can not change this, sorry Ponita. But I like the orange or bernstein of the links very much.

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