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The 24th of December. In the coming night, as tradition wants it, Jesus Christ is said to be born, the 25th being his birthday. Lets hope that Mary has not to suffer, any mother giving birth should not. Maybe there lies a secret of  faith, in the repetition, in the understanding that a divine act happened once and is always repeated, by any man to come, by any woman who brings another Erlöser on this world. Maybe this is what theologians mean when they speak about the presence of the ransom. On the other hand, Wolfdietrich SCHNURRE (1920-1989) (Ger., Eng.) once said that redemption is a promise not honoured (ein Versprechen, das nicht eingelöst wird)*.
I came back from my trip through the War, visited places I never had heard of, and finally met my fate in the form of a Russian hand grenade on the banks of the river Düna (Ger., Eng.). Must be a very nice scenery, at least according to the pictures I found on the web. I wish I had time and money to travel, the Baltic states, and the region from the Ostsee to the Black Sea would be one of my favourite areas, roughly the East End of Europe. I would especially like to visit the Krim (Ger., Eng.) and Charkow (Ger., Eng.).
Today pictures of the letters must be taken – I tried and failed this afternoon, and do not know why. I am used to photograph originals out of churchbooks under challenging circumstances, but I have no idea why it did not work today, in a heated room with natural light. I was tense and knotted, sweating heavily, as if I’d do heavy labour. After a first glance at the pictures I thought that only some “Ausreißer”, some runaways, had gone wrong. But there were too much of them, and the pictures are deleted now. Tomorrow a professional will take care of this. My only job left is to carefully put the original letters into archival maps (“Archivmappen”) and write the correct date on them. Put it carefully in an archival box and burn a CD with the transcriptions, a register and a kind of explaining text or history.
I love my profession, and I did this job  with dedication, but I am glad that it is over.

I wish You All a happy Christmas, or a happy Holiday Season, whatever you prefer. I am not in a festive mood, I am just glad that this year is over. I am happily looking forward to the week zwischen den Jahren – I don’t know whether there is an English equivalent or translation for this. It means just the normally quiet week between Christmas an New Year. Today I found an Aldi leaflet in my letter box offering fireworks, something called “Vienna”, “Lisbon”, “Bristol” etc. … oh yeah, just bomb it, honey … Nowadays they do not just offer some rockets on a stick, but up to three crates of explosives mounted on one base – nur einmal Anzünden.  Maybe this is world economy at its finest: People somewhere in the world produce explosives, that are shipped around the world only to be sold to and blown up by other people. Absolutely useless. Well, at least it’s meant to do no harm. But basically it remains nonsensical.
Anyway, bomb or don’t, I don’t care.
Here’s some festive music.
I prefer Bells over bombs. By William BYRD (ca. 1543-1623) (Ger., Eng.). Performed by Michael Maxwell STEER.
Hope you enjoy it.

Happy Christmas. Peace, love, and understanding.



* Der Schattenfotograf, 1978. Recommended.

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  1. When I worked for the universities, the zwischen den Jahren was part of our paid semester break holiday. When I worked for private firms, it was usually a forced week off without pay.

    Mr Steer is really working the Katzenklavier!

    Peace, Herr Mago.

  2. oh yeah, just bomb it, honey Was this the tag line? Good heavens…
    I peaked too early with Christmas, although I’ve done better this year. Last year I peaked in October.

  3. We’d call zwischen den Jahren Christmas week, and I think it’s a lovely time, when you can relax and wind down, see friends and do a lot of reading (I’m normally mostly given books for Christmas). I hope you have a peaceful and happy time, dear Mago.

    Love from Zoë x

  4. I hope you can relax during that week. Up here with the snow we have on the ground the snow mobiles will be going from early morning to late evening. We don’t need fireworks for noise. But I wish you a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a fruitful New Year.

  5. A Peace filled Christmas to you Mr Maggs.

    A break between Christmas and New Year is I think a good time to reflect on the year past and consider the New Year ahead.
    Personally I know it will not be a bed of roses but there is always faith and hope…

  6. I love the idea of a quiet week between Christmas and New Year and I plan to do some quiet thinking next week. LX is right, but we did pay our employees when they’re gone next week, but it’s unusual. Mostly? I just wanted them gone and would feel guilty that it meant they would lose pay or vacation time. (but we’re a small company so it’s easier.)

    Wishing you a peaceful day. Frohe Weihnachten!

  7. Christmas is now a quiet celebration with only me and my mother to attend, filled with music and a nice meal. It’s been the best so far!
    Best wishes to you for the upcoming year!

  8. Mary had to suffer, but she didn’t mind once it was over; my, educated by experience, guess.

    In our family we call it ‘cold cuts week’ because we live off the Christmas leftovers, but I’m not sure if there is a Scottish/English equivalent to zwischen den Jahren. It’s one of my favourite weeks of the year due the general lack of being, or feeling, forced to do anything.
    I hope you have a chocolate Santa for tomorrow, nothing like a bit of head biting on Christmas. Have a good one, Mago. X

  9. LX – Peace. Mr. Steer really puts everything in to make the bells ring!

    Peace to You and Your family, LGS.

    The tagline was something with a peaceful New Year if I remember it right. Thank you MsScarlet

    It was partly relaxing, Z. When I had finished the letters I received the news that a friend of my father had passed away on the 26th of December. I had to travel and see the family on Friday. F. saved me from drowning when I was a kid.

    Thank you for the good wishes, dear Joyce – and let me return them. Here’s no snowmobile in sight – it is much too warm, yesterday we had 11°C!

    I wish you and The Empress Alles Gute for the coming year, dear Princess – lets hope for the best!

    Thank you Ms Boxer. As I saied to Z, it was a time of mixed emotions.

    Thank you, Jon. Christmas evening was a very nice and friendly time with friends, a nice meal and some wine. It takes some time to reach this state of affairs.

    Now that you mention it, Eryl – I should have a look when I visit the superette later in the afternoon, maybe there’s one Nikolaus left. Den Letzten beißen die Hunde. :)

    Eroswing! Thank you for the good wishes – what a joy to see you again! Same to you, Capt’n, same to you!

    Thank you Norma – and a happy puppie-filled New Year to You and all Yours! Shall we have one last “Jingle Bells”?

    Herzlichen Dank, MJ – ein gesundes, glückliches Neues Jahr wünsche ich Dir!

    Thank you, Nurse Myra, all I wish to you too. It is a joy to follow your blog!

    Thank you, Roses, yes let’s hope that the year will be good to all of us. And from now on I will visit your forbidden blogs regularily again!

    Thank you for the good wishes, LGS. I hope that it will be a peaceful year in all regions of the world.

    At the moment it looks promising, Joyce, but it’s only day two. Happy New Year to you!

    Thank you Chandrika Shubham! I hope the success of your blog will stay and grow! Thank you for your unique writing.

    Let me thank You all for the good wishes for Christmas and the New Year – and let me return them to each and everyone: Gesundheit, Glück und Gottes Segen!

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