Wretchedness Has a Name

A look in the national news today (German, not Franconian) is pretty disenchanting. The ongoing Schmiere (farce is much too nice) around the Bundespräsident-wannabie Wulff (Ger., Eng.) is sickening – it reached a state of ridiculousness that slowly but steadily starts to harm the office: The man is just a slouch, who was transported into the office because the Chancellor (Ger., Eng.) thought he’d fit. And he started well, by keeping quiet and acting carefully, seemingly taking the office seriously. But his reactions, when some questions popped up, are simply that terribly not souvereign, so Berlusconi like, that it dawned on all spectators that the man is simply too small for the job. The party honchos keep notably quiet, wonder what to do, there is no coordinated action to help their hero, not even lip service. He is still in office and he will stay there (at least it seems to be so today), simply because the Chancellor can not afford to have another fat problem – it is bad enough, so she has to contain it, and if it means that this sad joking figure stays – so be it.
But the more serious effect is that even more people simply turn away from the already rotten business we call politics here. What we could watch over the last year or so was the ruin of the “new generation” flushed into office as Minister (secretaries) for this and that, Wulff in his early fifties is also young – if I remember it right most of his predecessors were in their (late) sixties when they reached the highest office (Ger., Eng.) in the state. And none of them, seriously none, not even Köhler, failed so openly. Most of them grew with the office, here is nothing to grow: The man is small and he will stay small. In retrospect Köhler, the only one who quit the job, showed even independence and aplomb by drawing consequences from a situation he found not bearable.
Wulff did nothing that could be prosecuted legally or juridically. It would even be tricky to state that he lied openly about some things, he always could excuse himself with having things mixed up or such. Disgusting is the way he reacts: Only conceding facts that can absolutely not be denied anymore. Blabbing about openness and transparence, but shutting up like an oyster when things should be spoken out. Trying to intimidate the leading boulevard newspaper, Bild (Ger., Eng.) – and as it emerges this is not the first time he did such a thing; while still Ministerpräsident of  Niedersachsen he pulled the same joke with the Welt (Ger., Eng.). The Bild newspaper is not the holy grail of journalism, really not, it is boulevard, yellow press, maybe like the Sun in England. It is a conservative publication, okay not everybody reads  ZEIT (Ger., Eng.) or Süddeutsche (Ger., Eng.). They were really pissed off when Wulff called them shouting and yelling and demanding that they stop an article about him. And after they mentioned this publicly, he denied. The chief editor Diekmann (Ger., Eng.), whether you like the man or not, can not allow to have this going on – Wulff basically called them liars.
To make things finally unbearable, in a tv interview the weakling styled himself as victim – a victim of the press and the coverage. According to the tune: It’s always other people’s fault, not mine.
Here lies what Wulff connects with Guttenberg: Both want the public to see them as victims. They avoid responsibility, give lip service using words like “Offenheit“, “Transparenz“, and most sickening of all: “Ehrlichkeit“, like tools – these words have no more meaning to them. These creatures are despicable.

In other news: As I read here, Bigfoot was shot on 8th of October 2010. Sad enough. If one will be caught it should be potty trained and made President of the world, el Supremo, archetype of every politico everywhere. Maybe there lies the chance to get rid of those slimy egoistic and mediocre Mistkerle we have to bear until the end of the world.

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  1. Mago, Welcome to the world of politics all over . It isn’t only over there but here also. The lies,scandals,stupidity,and flip flops we have here make no one happy. When we vote it seems to be for the lesser of the evil if we vote at all. The media catches the blame for alot but people need to think for them selves but don’t. So I join you in your rant.

  2. Hi Mago. I echo Joyce’s tenor. Unfortunately, SOME politicians the world over are slime. Yes, they ARE voted in democratically. We wonder how a person like this guy, who appears to have the intellect of your average piece of wood, could do this. Sometimes democracy can backfire, I think. Like our prime minister in Canada, he fooled just enough people with promises of grandeur. Eventually, as now, you see the person for who he really is. And you might regret your decisision to vote for him, if you did, but it’s too late and you must endure. Is there a recall provision in German politics?

  3. Here in Canada, we seem to have our own little dictator now that the Conservatives have a majority government. Harper does what he damn well pleases. I’m not liking it at all. So I can understand you disillusionment with what’s happening in your country. Politics just seem so corrupted everywhere. It’s sickening, because the Average Joe, like you and me, is who pays for all the mistakes those jerks make.

    And if that guy really shot Big Foot, you can be damn sure the cell phones would have been out snapping away, taking lots of photos. I don’t believe a word of it. More than likely just bears. If indeed he shot anything.

  4. As you know from my posts, the politicians in Malaysia are also funny jokers but the damage they do to the country and the future generations is not funny. At least, your President does not hold too much real power, right?

  5. *sigh* Sorry. A very sobering post and the last paragraph about Big Foot made so much sense that’s when I knew we’re all screwed. RIP Big Foot.

  6. I think what adds to my anger here, Joyce, is that one in this special case is forced to deceide, to join one side – and I find myself on the side of the Bild newspaper – oh tempora, oh mores!
    You know the Bild through the seventies and eighties was one rightwing screaming gazzette, communists everywhere, terrorists everywhere – they were plain crazy. And they manipulated, or at least tried to, the public opinion, always in favour of the conservatives – or what they believed to be conservative. Big headlines, and blood dripping from the paper … A joke from this time was: “Women killed husband and minced him – Bild talked with the meatballs”

    Daily Mail is easier for me than Guardian, LX. As I saied to Joyce, Bild still has this “Radau”-image for me.

    I am not sure what you mean by recall provision, Chris. But basically the president is in office as long as his term goes, if he commits no crime.
    The President here has no real power, it is more a kind of moral instance, representing, hoovering statesman-like over the troubled waters of daily nonsense. Looking at the whole thing … Wulff only looked at his own portemonnaie.

    The only person laughing all the way is the Chancellor: She can now do what she wants, Ponita. Her partner in the coalition, the so called liberals, are down to 2 % – yes, right: Two Percent. Less than the communists, the fascists, and the Rainbow Party. The opposition is quasi non existant. And the only position left, from where something like a kind of finger-wagging could come, the presidentcy, is filled with a weakling whose moral impact and credit is subterranean now.

    I have no idea what he shot at. But at the moment I think “Bigfoot for President” is okay.

    No, LGS, he has no real power – see what I saied to Chris. The sad thing is that none of these politicos has an idea about the state, they do not know what it is, and do not care. And the person who qua office should represent the state, the ethos and the unifying force of the central idea of the federation – is just another piss-cheap backroom dealer …

    Don’t give up, Boxer – Bigfoot will save us!

    Yes, sad that this fool could not controll the urge to shoot at the creature, Wanda.

  7. I’m not clear who asked me about my remark about recall positions. In the U.S., or maybe it’s just in some states, I believe, they have laws that allow for a legislator to be “recalled.” The voters and/or the party has the right, under certain circumstances, to “recall” the legislator if he’s clearly got mush for brains like this guy seems to.

  8. Me, Chris, mago, I asked you about the recall thing. No it is not provided for by statue – he’s elected, he stays. We once had a President, Mr. Lübke from 1959 to 1969, wo was becoming more and more senile while in office. He retired two months or so before the official end, but by his own decision. There is no instrument to kick him out.

  9. Thanks Mago, sorry; I get confused like this a lot. I did not look it up on the Net, but I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere or read somewhere about a politician being recalled as described. They had another election and a different candidate won. Maybe this was at some state level or something. I will look it up and get back to you.

  10. Hey: Here’s the definition and background from Brittanica Encyclopedia Online:

    Like most populist innovations, the practice of recalling officeholders is an attempt to minimize the influence of political parties on representatives. Widely adopted in the United States, the recall is designed to ensure that an elected official will act in the interests of his constituency rather than in the interests of his political party or according to his own conscience. The actual instrument of recall is usually a letter of resignation signed by the elected representative before assuming office. During the term of office, the letter can be evoked by a quorum of constituents if the representative’s performance fails to meet their expectations.

    In the United States the recall has been used successfully against various types of officials, including judges, mayors, and even state governors. Although in practice the recall is not used extensively, even in jurisdictions where it is provided for constitutionally, it has been used to remove governors in North Dakota (1921) and California (2003). Following a bitter partisan fight between Democrats and Republicans over the rights of workers to bargain collectively, Wisconsin experienced in 2011 the single largest recall attempt in U.S. history; six Republicans and three Democrats in the 33-member state Senate faced a recall vote, though only two senators—both Republicans—were defeated.
    Related Articles

    Aspects of the topic recall election are discussed in the following places at Britannica.

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    • electoral process (in election (political science): Recall elections)
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  11. I’ll see your wretchedness and raise you. this situation here is Orwell on acid. You think somebody is democratically elected until you finally realize both have been selected for you to choose from – coke or pepsi? either one will eat the crud off a battery.

    The western world is being plundered openly by sociopaths. we should refuse to work, pay taxes or buy anything until these imperious fools are vanquished. grrrrrrrrrrrr!

  12. Thank you Chris – I had no idea that such an instrument existed! “the practice of recalling officeholders is an attempt to minimize the influence of political parties on representatives.” – Such an attempt would litterally empty our Parliaments! Some of them simply switch off their brains and only do what the party expects them to do. Or worse: The industry that had bought them.

    I think we need another attitude towards the state, the res publica and the bonum commune; and redefine the relation between society and state. Somewhere in this, the idea and chance of Europe is buried, Chickory – at least I hope so.

    I have no idea whether this is credible or not, Nurse Myra.

  13. In many other cases I will happily agree with you, Eryl. But I fear it is not appropriate in this case. The man simply told too often how and that he would stand for a new kind of doing politics, for transparency, for Ehrlichkeit. Taking a very cheap loan from a friend (500 thousand Euro) via saied friend’s wife account to “camouflage” the whole transaction, denying until the very last moment, telling the public that this loan is paied back and a normal bank-loan is taken – again with very comfortable interest, and while the contracts were still not inked – hey, it stinks. Saied friend and entrepreneur finds himself in the entourage of the President’s trip to major business partners in China etc. etc. No, there is no need to feel sorry for this … person. Just a lousy actor, ein minderbegabter Präsidentendarsteller.


  14. I will look for Anna Hazare, Austere, I think his demand of an independent authority for the fight against corruption is important and necessary. Here the bad word “corruption” is not mentioned, but its like the proverbial elephant in the room.

    Sadly yes, Eryl.

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