Sunday Music

Sunday Music

This Sunday Music is a bit different. I think it is the first time I choose something for the video. Not that Claude DEBUSSY’s (1862-1918) (Ger., Eng., Film) beautiful nocturne Nuages (L91 here) was not an option, but I guess I would have been looking for a shorter piece. Normally I do not like the accompanying videos, most of them are simply very homemade, generally I prefer the still shot on the record player or long shots on the musician.
Here we see a video from 1970 by Peter J. VAGT, titled Wind. This and other videos can be seen on his homepage, also some photo series.
Take some time, hope you enjoy it.
Have a good and peaceful week!




12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Chris Cariou says:

    Gorgeous and beautiful and exquisite. From another time and place, but the black & white is so colorful, nonetheless. Thank you. It’s so…peaceful.

  2. I listened without watching, like Norma. Not because I didn’t want to watch but because I became distracted by a suddenly remembered task. It was nice to do the task accompanied by the music.

  3. Chris Cariou says:

    It’s all a matter of personal taste of course. Personally, I liked the scenes WITH the music. I found it to be a very peaceful piece. But to each his or her own.

  4. Peaceful, yes that what I thought too Chris (#1+2).

    Dir auch eine gute Woche, LX.

    See what I do for you, Norma: Touch the screen, feel the magic …

    Ah, Debussy’s music works without video. Others don’t.

    Here’s a version without crackle, Nurse Myra.

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