Right or Wrong – Recycled Paper

The first cigarette, the first shot, and the first coffee in the morning – there’s always a first time.  I never before had filed a suit, but today I turned towards an official at a court, told what I had to tell – et voila! – I took legal action. One can do this without having to write down all and everything by oneself, but by telling the official what the case would be – zur Niederschrift – for the record or the minutes (minutiae, an interesting word). Out of the printer falls a very banal-looking piece of grey paper (three copies), the man signs it, I pen my name under it – and that is it. 20 minutes. Looking for a parking bay took longer than this.
I had to meet a deadline (who needs them!? Veto within one month.), and I had some qualms before I came to this decision. This, other work and a strange feeling of unease prohibited me from writing here or on g+. But in the end I decided that I have been fooled and a level of nonsense is reached that I do not want to accept any more. The exchange of arguments dates back to 2008, and I think I was not given a proper explanation for some decisions – “We never did this and do not accept your proposal” is not an explanation in the narrower sense of the word; I translate it simply with “We don’t want. Go away!” And pretty much that is what I was told when I phoned them in December: We have our legal concept, and if you do not accept it, you are free to take legal action (“Wenn’s inne ned bassd, müsse’se hald glach!” I was told this four times, honestly.).
They reckon that poor people simply recoil from taking action. Of course I can not pay a lawyer. But I do not have to: I can file a suit and thus have the court take action without cost. I can file for monetary help: It simply can not be possible that a man can not take legal action because of lack of money. In earlier day this was called Armenrecht, today we speak of Prozeßkostenbeihilfe. I know that I qualify for court grants of legal aid, my monetary situation is a desaster. Connected with this validation is a review of the case by the court – is it simply a matter of  barrantry, or is it a rightful case that can be accepted? If the court accepts it, I can ask for a lawyer, and he will be paied by the court.
All this will take at least one year or longer, but it is worth the wait. I am simply tired of getting messed around again. The subject – of course – is money, radix malorum, but by GOd  I do not love it, all this is self-defence: I swear it is self-defence …





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  1. lx says:

    Good for you! I know that you would not do this without complete justification. I hope this is resolved in your favor as quickly as possible.

    Ja, it is probably best not to discuss the particulars of the case in a public forum.

    Viel Glück!

  2. You have to fight for yourself sometimes. The failure to fight makes for a bad deal for all that come after you and get treated the same way you were. I agree don’t put all info here-but fight the good fight. Wishing you well.

  3. Ponita says:

    Sometimes you just have to take a stand. I wish you a positive resolution to your problem, Mago, even if it does take a year.

    Love watching/hearing Clapton. If you like blues and guitars, try and find any (or all) of the Crossroads Guitar Festival videos… really excellent!

  4. So you begin what is called in the U.S. a “Class Action Lawsuit”? Where notices are sent out to find other people who have likely been wronged by accused company and payouts are based on the severity and scale of unlawful actions?

    Good Luck Mr. Mago!
    And a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. Thank You, Chris, my anima loves it 🙂

    Thank you for the trust, LX, I really thought about it for some time. And the details – they’d only be boring here. It’s about money and different ideas, quite normal.

    Let’s throw the dice, Princess!

    Thank you for your concern, LGS, that’s what I hope too. On high sea and before the judge …

    Thank you MJ. I will start to rummage through youtube for some Sunday Music now.

    Thank you. Austere, but it is less of a fight – more of a feeding the administration machine. It will turn and churn – and sometime in the future I will be asked whether I will accept or not or will take the chance to argument in court – but until then …

    Thank you Joyce – and one point that made me angry was – do they treat all people like me this way? Others may be in the same situation – and of they do it wrong with me, they surely do it wrong with others too. I hope that in the long run something will change.

    Lovely Ponita! This here will take more than one year, that’s for sure. I hope all that is driving you around will take significantly less time. As I mentioned to The Mistress above, I will start to look for Sunday Music now – I have no idea whether it will involve Guitars and Blues, maybe it is something completely different.
    Sad to learn that even steel can rust. Let me hug you my Dear ((Ponita))

    There You are, Raine! I am glad to see You here, it is good to know that you have access and can say something if you like to! BTW we are of the same age, are you born in September too?

    Thank you Eryl, maybe sometime in 2013 I will say something according to the lines “Does anyone remember that trial? The final result is …”

    Thank You Wanda, good to see you dropping by and I hope you can come to terms with these four letter words … 🙂

  6. Hey Proxima Melanie – great to hear from you again! But I am sorry, I have no idea what you talk about, legalwise. It is just me against another party. I do not agree with what they are doing – since 2008! – and all other possibilities are seemingly done. Basically it is just me who refuses to accept something that was ruled over me. I have good arguments (I think), and they did some clear mistakes. They simply refuse to listen and told me bluntly: Go and file a suit, if you do not accept what we do with you. And exactly this is what I do, or did this Friday midday.
    It may happen to others who are in my situation – and I am sure it has happened to other people before me and there are some court decisions already out that strengthen my argumentation – but the other party in this case simply refuses to listen or accept.
    So be it. It is simply feeding the administration machine.
    And for the next six or eight months I will not hear nothing from it. And seriously – I do not care. I will be asked by a judge for details, I will explain what has to be explained, someone will sit back in his chair and think for a moment – and a verdict will be formulated. They accept what I say or not – but it is a court and a judge, and I will hear a ground or reasoning: For three years I heared none. “We do not want, fuck off!” is no reasoning.

  7. It reminds me of when I got my bill for an emergency surgery (appendix rupture/removal). Among other things, they charged me $30 for a box of facial tissue in the room that I never saw nor used! You can by a whole case of facial tissue (like15-20 boxes per case for that amount!) I did not have health insurance, The only options were payment plan with accuring interest (like another %80) or legal recourse which I was too young and do. I guess I should have slept with a Judge and saved my money. I know, men don’t usually get this option. Just another reason why life isn’t fair.



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