Sunday Music

Somehow I have the feeling that its time for a real old Schmachtfetzen, a weepie, a tearjerker! So get your hankies ready, here comes Rina KETTY (1911-1996) (Ger., Eng.) with “J’attendrai” (Eng.). I am not entirely sure whether the pictures of Louise BROOKS (1906-1985) (Ger., Eng., search for interview clip here) are entirely matching, but Ms BROOKS surely is no offence to the eyes.
*Deep sigh*
I hope you will have a good week.




8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That took me away to a little Art Deco retreat Mr Mags… a lovely way to spend some “time out” in a very busy schedule… Thank you…

  2. MAybe it can be inspirational for your future costumes, Princess.

    De rien, mon chere LX. Escuse moi sil vous plait, je parle cette langue un petite, et nes pas faire les accents. Is there something like “pidgin French”?

    Yes, great objects, great design. Thank you, Joyce. Sun is shining, and all of a sudden I look forward more optimistic than before!

    Be sure to take an original one, Mistress.

  3. Votre Allemand e tre bien, plus de mon Francais, LX. I am sure every Frenchman, who accidentially stumbles upon this, is ready to fight for the honour of his language and to silence me … my pronunciation is astoundingly good, it’s a serious lack of words and forms – I could not flex one verbum today. Reading a newspaper I can vaguely grasp the topic, twenty years ago I at least could understand what they were writing about. I would like to travel in France, from North to South – and especially see the Cevennes, the inner massif; and of course there is a lot of wine to be discovered! La douce France must be a beautiful country.

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