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  1. What beautiful country. If I was to take pictures, it would be a sea of white. It’s cold here, this is our coldest time of year, and it won’t thaw probably until April. Ugly.

  2. Here in full glory. A purely accidential shot: It’s a large farm on the second hill to the right (or so). They have a fish bassin near the farmhouse. The sun stood pretty low and the shadows worked together.

    All frozen for the next two to three months – we have around 0°C and very mild frost in the night, Chris. The green plants in the header are taken from a yesterday photograph too: It is a plant used for melioration of the ground, maybe it is called charlock, I am not sure. A real frost will make the plant brown and it falls down, than it is ploughed under and works as natural fertiliser. Being still that green shows clearly that we still had no real frost – and this field is on an open plain where the wind can sweep through. Last year around this time it was hard to even walk the path I went yesterday for all the snow.

  3. Thanks! Appreciated! Our first frost was probably back in late October or early November! It’s a long, cold winter here because the only mountains to affect the weather are thousands of kms away in British Columbia.

  4. Very white around here and tonight some more snow and colder mid week. We have had -5F all ready and will be down close to 0F mid week. The weather is always changing but I will be looking at white for at least 3 1/2 months. Thats just the way it is.

  5. Lovely photographs Mr Mags… Detail catches your eye… The reflection on the fish pond is stunning! I agree with Nurse Myra. In the words of “Oliver”…. “Please Sir… May I have some more?”

  6. This night is absolutely clear. It is freezing. Here we have some smaller mountains around, Chris, no real big ones. The middle range – like 1000 meters high and more, Rhön, Thuringian Forest, Steigerwald and Frankenwald – are not far away. we are in a kind of cauldron a bit. The cold is here now and it will stay.

    0°F equals -18°C – bah! This may already happen in the Rhön, but here in the area of the river Main this would be pretty awesome! Hey, we grow wine here, Joyce, not snowmen!

    Ha – just a frozen Pfütze, a puddle, Eryl. I love them. Like unknow territories, new worlds. The best time is in spring, water everywhere, a very blue sky, blue eyes in the meadows. Arno Schmidt (a German writer) spoke of “Schwarze Spiegel”, black mirrors.

    Thank you, Nurse Myra. I am a bit reluctant about this, because my photographs are far from exciting. I can only try to look for lines, Linien, Flächen und Strukturen, so they become flat. I fear they are boring. And I am far from technical perfection. Sometimes I see something and am not able to reproduce it with the camera. But at least I know this apparatus now, at least basically.

  7. Dear Princess, you snugger … In the fish pond they keep a red-golden fish next to the Forellen and other fish, maybe I can snap it once. But it is detail, yes, I have the tendency to go close to things. Unnerving.

  8. Sounds beautiful. But Germany is such a lovely place. It is frigid here, somewhere around -30C. These next two months are for basically staying inside and not doing much.

  9. Believe me I am not going to make a snow man. That is for someone much younger. I just stay in house unless I ABSOLUTELY have to go out. This weekend with no little ones just two of my sons and their wives was wonderful. Family time does not have to include my grandkids and my greatgrand kids all the time. Four generations at one time gets a little rough sometimes. And again have a great week,

  10. I think there is no more “public life” at these temperatures possible, Chris.

    Savannah – one can always learn friendliness from you – you are a great person!

    As much as one loves the little ones. they are demanding! I heared that Greenbay Packers lost agme, sorry about that, Joyce.

    Thank you very much for mentioning the red roof, Austere!

    I am ready to satisfy your voyeuristic needs anytime, dear Mistress.

  11. Austere – I tried to comment on your blog, but am not allowed: Blogger says I would not write the correct word in the word verification field. I encountered that on another blog yesterday (Norma Desmond’s) – it seems to be a software hiccup of blogger – I can comment on other blogs without problem. I hope it will be solved soon.

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