Sunday Music

Grey clouds, first snow yesterday. It’s not cold enough for the white stuff to stay. Notably the days are longer, two weeks ago at this time of the day (17:00) it would have been already totally dark.
A technical note: I am not able to comment on blogger blogs with word verification. It simply does not accept what I write into the box. No idea why, I changed no settings or something. It works well as usual n blogs without the wv, so it is a word verification problem only. I hang around the blogs as usual, temporary unable to comment – does really no harm at all.

Time for some different Sunday Music. Here comes Mohammad Reza LOTFI (*1947) (Ger., Eng.) playing Kamancheh (Ger., Eng.), accompanied by Mohammad GHAVI-HELM (discography) on Tonbak (Ger., Eng.). They play in the Niavaran Palace Complex (Ger., Eng.) in Teheran.
Here, from the same concert, LOTFI plays setar (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you enjoy it – and have a peaceful and successful week!



17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That was lovely!

    I am unable to comment on blogger blogs that have the comments form embedded. I don’t understand why either… I made no changes. I fear blogger conspires against us for some unknown reason.

  2. Don’t thank me, Chris. Peace for the brain is a good thing.

    Go to the sitar video I linked, Joyce and light a bunch of incense sticks. That’s what my next door neighbour does every second day …

    Definitely, Ponita. I just tried to comment on Cookie’s and it does not work either – as you say, it is embedded, no extra box opens up. They fiddled with the code.

    Peace, Southern Lady.

    Or stoned beyond recognition, but then they wouldn’t be as good as they are, Nurse Myra.

  3. Your world and my world have similar weather; gray and wet with a little snow. I don’t understand what Blogger did, but luckily Ponita gave me helpful information. I guess this is an “improvement” to old Blogger?


    Happy Sunday. Lovely music and it’s a good pick.

  4. setar= sitar’s first cousin.
    that part in the middle where the percussionist is following on beats the tune that the setar player plays, in hindustani music that’s called sawal- jawab, literally question-answer.
    you got me thinking of our shared history.

  5. Good for you, Chris.

    Have no idea what blogger did, Boxer.

    They definitely opened something up, LX.

    Who is Richard Chamberlain, Norma?

    I hope its a good spirit, LGS. BTW This could be interesting for you?

    HA – I’d love to join you on such a journey, Eryl!

    A terrible clip, MJ!

    I have no idea about chef Reza Mohammad and gulab. And a sitar playing rocker also never blibbed up on my radar: Thank you Mitzi – there’s a lot to learn. And taste.

    It’s a pleasure to see you here, Austere.

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