Sunday Music

Sunday Music

A short and elegant piece by Danielle DARRIEUX (b. 1917) (Ger., Eng.), recorded 1942. She is still active in film and tv.
A good week to y’all, stay healthy!




18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Ponita says:

    Wishing you a wonderful week too, Mago! How are things in your corner of the universe?

    Her voice is sweet and refreshing, even though I only understand the “l’amour” word here and there… I’m not at all bilingual even though French is an official language here in Canada, alongside English.

  2. Thank you Ponita, “flowers are words of love” could be a not poetic translation. Its cold here and the cold will stay now. As LX I had some kind of flu with headache, running nose etc. Headache and cough are still with me. I felt a bit low down over the last week, but things improve. Or at least I make meself believe that they do.

    And the revolution and all is over! I must search for her second husband, who is described as a shady figure – or maybe Nurse Myra already has written about him?
    Yes, Eryl, a delightful week to you!

    You mentioned a vodka-chainsaw-appointment for Saturday, LX – is everything alright? Don’t forget to oil the chain afterwards.

  3. BTW Ponita – do not think that I do not visit your blog, I just can not comment, because word verification for unknown reasons does not accept what I write into the box. Sorry my dear.

  4. Ponita says:

    Mago, I have changed my settings to allow anyone to comment. I’m not sure what changed on blogger’s part, because you used to be able to comment. Please try again and let’s see if that works. I do still have word verification on, though. I will check back here if you don’t show up on my blog.

  5. Thank you for the try, Ponita: Just tried to comment: It’s the word verification. It simply does not accept what I write in the box, it says always it would be wrong. That happens on all blogger blogs.
    I can comment on blogger blogs (Savannah f.e. who switched off the wv) when there is no word verification. I have no idea why that happens, I changed nothing. Started at the beginning of the last week, or even a bit earlier.

  6. Ponita says:

    I seem unable to locate where to change the word verification. I’m using the new blogger style now and things are not easy to find. It is not in the settings for comments. Any ideas from anyone?

  7. Good to hear that you are still in one part, LX. Stihl, they also have practical clothing, shoes and gloves.

    Sorry, I have no idea Ponita!

    Looking at the picture in wikipedia dated 2008 she seems to be in remarkable shape, Nurse Myra.

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