Sunday Music

Its sunny, dry and really cold in Franconia, from -7 ° C on daytime to -15 ° C through the clear night, and it will stay this way through the next week; but thankfully there is no wetness to be expected.
A little swinging piece by Annette HANSHAW (1901-1985) (Ger., Eng., about). Her music was used by Nina PALEY (Eng.) in her animated film Sita sings the Blues (Eng.), a very interesting project from 2008/2009.

Hope you enjoy and have a peaceful week.





10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Annette Henshaw has the loveliest voice. Stay rugged up and warm Mr Maggs and have a good week…

    The animation is quite clever too. That poor girl… Fancy being attacked by all those one eyed, two horned, spear wielding purple critters…

  2. You do indeed have winter. Much snow? Stay warm! At least it’s sunny… we get a lot of that here too (when we’re not blanketed with fog, which is now gone, thankfully).

    Love her voice! And that animation is hilarious! I thought Barbie was disproportionate… that girl… well. :-)

  3. Rama and his ape soldiers will squish’em to pulp, exactly what happens here, dear Princess.

    Here’s no snow, Ponita, and no fog. Sunny dry cold, let’s hope ir stays so for a while. Apsara, heavenly creatures, may be a bit exaggerated in art.

  4. That looks like the Ramayana story – in which case, it would be white monkeys with their king, Hanuman as allies of Rama. I am constantly amazed on how wide your knowledge of the arts and music is. Keep warm. I have been reading how cold it is currently in Europe; even the canals in Venice are freezing over!

  5. Very efficient creatures, LX – and good to see that you got a little rain in the Texas oven!

    Exactly, Rama’s journey, as cartoon from Sita’s point of view – don’t get fooled, dear Squirrel, my knowledge is very limited: I just learned how and where to look things up! It’s all make believe! When Venice is freezing it must be really cold.

    Finally a sign from you Macy! Where have You been?! You were missed around here. If you dress as Sita, don’t forget to post some pics, will you?

  6. From Königsberg to Venice, like a modern Seume, dear Eryl, walking through Europe?

    The first (I saw his only when I showed it on a friend’s computer) is disabled for embedding, but normally a link to youtube pops up and one can see it there.
    I had to look up “incongruous” – unpassend, stilbrüchig – Nurse Myra, you think it doesn’t go tegether at all?

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