Exhibition of Spirits

If your wanderings through the world by chance lead you in the valley of the river Rhine (Ger., Eng.) you should visit the nice city of Strasbourg (Ger., Eng.) in the Elsass (Ger., Eng.), because until the 12th of February an interesting exhibition is shown in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art there: Europe and the Spirit World, or The Fascination with the Occult 1750-1950. Or, if you can not see it (like me), there is always a catalogue in reach via your next library.


9 thoughts on “Exhibition of Spirits

  1. Princess says:

    This looks fascinating Mr Maggs… I only wish that lived a little closer to the venue so I could catch a bus or train. Not that that would make a lot of difference in my case… I literally drive past our local art gallery 4-5 times per week and yet do I ever stop and go in and have a wander about… No!

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