No New Article

LX told me that two old articles from this blog turned up in his reader as new ones – I am sorry to have caused irritation or inconvenience. I fiddled around with the “categories” and the “tags”. In fact until last night I had only used “categories”, no tags. I reversed this and introduced few categories, which also are displayed in the line under the header: Sunday Music, Persons, Film and Places. This may help a bit with the orientation in this scribble.

13 thoughts on “No New Article

  1. It’s good to know you haven’t decided to unleash a “Manifesto” in 63 installments.

    Sorry I haven’t been around, all the standard excuses apply but I’ll carry on and hope things will get better soon.


  2. The mago manifesto … ? Heavens no!
    No need to apologize, Melanie, I know that you will be around. Things will be better here – and I damn hope that things are good at your’s – are they: Child healthy, roof fixed, story published?

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