18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I am a bit nervous, because I wait for a call in the coming days. I should hear from an institution that promised me a pretty good contract, and I simply need to know what, where and when. The “if” is no more question, as I was assured. The man in the bank becomes nervous too.

    HA – Texas IS too hot to freeze over!

  2. Oh, I love that music! :-)

    Good luck with the details of your contract, Mago! Fingers crossed that it is very good for you.

    Sleet in Austin, LX? Will wonders never cease!?!?! Did you take pictures?

  3. Thank you Macy. Very sensible.

    It melted away until he could grab the camera, Ponita

    “Oh Canada …”, never heared it actually, Chris.

    Caramba! What a storm of enthusiasm from You, Norma!

  4. Then I’d sit there for a while with a cup of coffee, MJ.

    In such a small combo, with such an intimate setting, one can not hide, none of them – how damn cruel, so much room for blunder. And they deliver, inspired, elegant, in style. Normally I am no friend of the bass solo *, but Ørsted Pedersen actually plays a tune, and one can follow and enjoy.

    * A tourist comes to a caribbean island and hears drums: Over the day, through the night, drums. He asks an inhabitant about it, and when will the drums stop? The man pales and says: “Drums never stop! Because after drum solo, bass solo!”

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