17 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Pretty! But step carefully.

    A bit of cold air gave us some brief sleet yesterday, but it has warmed and turned into light rain today. We need the moisture here.

  2. Beautiful pics. Beautiful place. It is -13C here and I am looking at about 1 ft. of snow or less. It has been dry and cold. This is usually our coldest time of year. Temps of -30C aren’t uncommon. This is balmy! Be well!

  3. I’m glad I have not to drive in the coming days, MsScarlet.

    Ah come on, dear Princess, there’s an ice bear hidden inside you!

    I think you can need water in any form there, be it fog, rain, snow or whatever, LX!

    BALMY! We had our share of dry cold over the last two weeks, Chris, now it’s time for the foggy grey depressing part – and I fear it will last until Easter, sometime in April.

  4. Cold? You don’t KNOW what cold is, Mah Deah. It is almost always cold here and clear in the winter. Still beautifully Sunny! When it’s grey and sullen, that usually means warm here.

  5. The days are getting longer now, don’t you think? Spectacular pictures Mago, reminds me of the frosts of my childhood that transformed the dull walk to school into a magical journey.

  6. Thank you for the sunshine, Austere, it’s very much appreciated!

    The days are noticeable longer Mitzi. My walk to school was never a magical journey, more of an endless shuffeling tired drag through the night. At least without clogs.

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