There’s nothing else to do at the moment but wait. I seriously do not like this waiting around, for a phone call or an email – but I think a phone call is more likely. If nothing happens today I will have to phone tomorrow, politely and friendly and all. March begins in two weeks and I simply need to know what will happen; not that I have big projects or an overflowing calendar, I simply need to know whether I can rely on this job or not, and some unimportant details like how long, how much also would be nice.
I received a strange letter today. The German postal service tells me that it is unable to deliver something to me, I should turn towards the customs office. Ah yes.



More about this tomorrow. While I had the camera out I played around, and now you have to look at photographs of my sink. Nothing good comes from waiting.







And before you ask: No, the small black longish structures are no worms but parts of the dried tulips I had to remove from my desk today.


17 thoughts on “Wait

  1. Ponita says:

    I hope you find out something tomorrow!! Something very good, even the unimportant details (because they are not!).

    Your photographs are always interesting, and I like that you change your header so often.

  2. Z says:

    People don’t think. And if you’d said ‘sorry, you didn’t contact me and I have other work, I can fit yours in later’ they would blame you. Hope the call goes well.

    I’ve got a load of old letters to go through (my great-great-grandfather’s). It’s not that it isn’t interesting, just not so interesting as the time it’ll take. I couldn’t do your job!

  3. Hope your wait ends soon! Thank you for not sharing pictures of you toilet.

    I must fly next week, I hate it almost as much as you do, except I still manage to get on the damn plane. I have already started to eat stomach medicine “like it’s going out of style”. That I must take this two week trip, six hour flight with a layover each way and with a toddler in tow just makes it all that more stressful. Somehow I will survive, as I always do.


  4. Sorry, Ponita, still no news from the man. Thank you for the photographs, I simply like to play around, same goes for the header. There is also the option to have the header pics randomly changed, but I am not sure about it. Now with the new Angel here I have to go through a lot of older data, maybe I dig out some interesting pictures, but I am not sure of this.

    Hey Wanda, thank you for dropping by! I heared nothing this Thursday, so tomorrow/today I will have to take action finally. After all it’s two weeks now. I hope you are feeling well, my dear.

    HA – reading old letters, materials, sources is a great thing for me – simply because I peek into another live, another world. Yes, some materials are simply boring, like f.e. old bills and such, but even there the imagination may go wild, dear Z. Its curiosity that drives me. Another thing is that all people I have to deal with are in no way related to me. This may at first glance seem to be unimportant, but I think its not. Its all about the look at things, situations persons; in the end about “seeing” – what was understood to be the main and most important ability to be learned and understood when I was studying history and Volkskunde. Today its different, students learn the trade in a totally different way. Sooner or later people like me and my colleagues (the few who successfully reached a full teaching position) will become something like museum objects.
    I will try to get a Lehrauftrag, a teaching assignment may be the correct translation, for the coming summer semester, here. The poor folks simply do not work with originals anymore, what imho is a shame!

    I’ll hop over to the Gimcrak as soon as possible, Nurse Myra!

    Ms Scarlet has a series about public restrooms, very tasteful and all! Maybe I’ll start to photograph dust, Melanie, but sadly I cleaned the most dust-filled areas of my room while and before I installed the Angel.
    Flying – do not get me started on this, please. I hope it will be a peaceful trip, your son will behave, and there’ll be no need to kill fellow passengers. And there’s always Bloody Mary! Take care my dear, and let yerself hear before you go off 🙂 *mwah*

  5. My son is very good for a child of his age, but such flights are hard even for adults, so my husband and I tell ourselves, “He doesn’t have to be perfect, just better than the worst person on the plane.” Perhaps their will be a loud, annoying man or chatty woman up front that draws the ire of the crowd.

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