Parcel, Angel, Texas

Do you remember that parcel I mentioned somewhere in the last post? Probably not. The friendly men of the German customs wanted to know what’s inside – me too! – and so we chatted a bit while I cut it open. We admired the contents and then I went home again. They did not want toll from me.

The parcel looked like this:



It contained this – see the before picture:


You may not believe it: But this is 1 and ½ copies of the Austin Chronicle ! See the after picture:



Here in a different light:


Under all that paper hidden lay a small electronic wonder, which now graces my desk: So small, so lightweight, so silent ! The graphic department of this wonderful Blue Angel alone has more kahumpf than the outgoing crumbling towers it replaces had in their cpus (Ger., Eng.) – here they go:



Definitely the chic of the 90s, when towers were big – well, those of the eighties were even higher – and screens were still Braunsche Röhren (Ger., Eng.), heavy and radiating, glowing sometimes.
A very nice effect of the Angel’s arrival chez Mago is that I have a lot more space in the bookshelves to the right of my desk, and because of this, on my desk itself: For the first time in years I can see the whole surface of this modest working place, and – what’s even better! – I can look out of the window in front of me! Another nice result is that the old radio that for years was stuffed in the highest shelf could move down a bit, roughly one meter (!), what means that the Classical Station is going again. They have a very interesting Jazz hour from 23:00 to 00:00, and I really missed that one.
The Angel touched down carrying Windows 7, and I am delighted. It all works, even together! That is not a thing I would expect from a product that has Microschuft written on its forehead, but I live and learn! I managed to import my favorites into Internet Explorer; I checked the update thingies and they work, even the security settings are fine. I do not believe that there’s a need for something like CCleaner or such anymore. What does Not fit into the picture is the Donnervogel, Thunderbird, for the mailery. The old Outlook Express is seemingly dead, the new Outlook is far too large (it is used by mago inc. with good avail, it’s over the top for this private only use), but this will be sorted out. Maybe some messenger will do the trick, or is Pegasus still around – I don’t think so.

Let me end this with a deep bow towards a great man and true friend, the one and only Mr. XL from Austin, Texas. With special greetings to RJ and Lola.





21 thoughts on “Parcel, Angel, Texas

  1. The Two Towers are like from The Lord Of The Rings! hehe!

    When I was in grammar school, the lyric was “Largest and grandest, withstanding ev’ry test.” But they had to change it to “Boldest and grandest, withstanding ev’ry test” in 1959 because Alaska was admitted as a new state and it is slightly bigger (mostly ice).

    Thanks for the kind words.

  2. That is so cool, everything about it, the Austin papers and all (I used to live in Austin once upon a time…).

    And I confess to a certain nostalgic fondness for the Two Towers…

  3. Yes, definitely! And it came at the right time, Wanda.

    Really?! Some Alascan ice cubes made the difference?!
    And I mean it, LX.

    Yowza! I doubt, MJ, I think they saw their role more as supervisors.

    A loan, dear Princess.

    It says something like “rougged” something on the outside. They were as curious as me, Melanie.

    Welcome Cie! It has something comforting – mankind is not rotten in its entirety!

    Caramba! :)

    He triggered a kind of chain reaction, MsScarlet. The radio started after warming its tubes, and was even still tuned to the right frequency. But most astounding is how large this window actually is. When the temperature will rise I will even clean it!

    Leah – where have You been? Is your hibernation over?
    The towers have done their job well – and they are not kaput – but start to disingrate: One sounds sometimes like a helicopter just before start. And a ten year old cpu together with very limited ram space simply has difficulties with actual software.
    Didn’t you study in Austin? I hope all is well with you and all yours!

  4. I think lx was feeling guilty that he didn’t ask you to be his Valentine as well!

    Seriously, what a wonderful gift. lx is indeed The Man!

    Did you get the call? Have you got the work?

  5. Yes, this should make me think, shouldn’t it Roses? Maybe I should shed a few pounds …

    There was no reason for a fee, because it is personal (= non commercial), and a used apparatus. Basically it simply happened, because the Post wanted to be sure, Austere.

  6. yay! How lovely of LX and how nice that you are now enjoying new technology.

    But did he really need to go to all of that trouble to send you the Austin newpspaper? Couldn’t you read it online? ;-)

  7. I think it was worth the effort, Boxer: I find astoundingly many advertisements for vegetarian or vegan eateries in it; I always thought Texans exclusively eat beef.

    Yes, this is great, Eryl, only now I realize how I missed it !

    Thanks for the compliment, Leah.

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