Sunday Music

It was a fine day. Spent the midday and afternoon in a museum looking at pictures by Spitzweg (Ger., Eng.) and his contemporaries (Nachtstücke – night scenes), and the evening with friends, learning the fine art of Raclette (Ger., Eng.).
Just some gentle late 70s Polish Jazz by Sunship, to end this day in peace for me, and to begin it in harmony for you (Princess?). May this week be gentle to all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Hello Mr Maggs… I love the art work by Mr Spitzweg I was quite transfixed… it is quite delightful, I like how he captures shadow. What a nice way to spend an afternoon.
    The music is also a lovely choice. It is just the thing to start a busy day at the phaff! Thank you!

  2. Sometimes Carl is even funny and comes close to satire, LX. He is a great storyteller in his pictures, and what is amazing, how small they actually are: He even used the wood of Zigarrenkistchen. Of course he is a hopeless romantic, a very friendly one. HIs works was notoriously dismissed in Germany after WWII as unpolitical, spießbürgerlich, verlogen. But at closer inspection he also shows pretty unhappy situations (f.e. “Wo ist der Pass?”, showing a control of wandering musicians by an official), and he borders to the surreal, especial in the night scenes, when witches ride through the night. The collector and founder of the museum specialised in Spitzweg and his contemporaries, when nobody wanted to collect them.
    The Raclette was new to me: You have a small grill on the table, you throw on this small pieces of meat, vegetables; then put the stuff in a small pan, cover it with a slice of Raclette cheese, and put it under the grill, until the cheese is molten. I wondered why my host, who sat opposite me, was alweays busy, cutting things, eating … until I realized that he used at least two small pans, while I was busy conversing with friends and the hostess. We replaced the traditional Kirsch one needs afterwards (or in between) to help the stomach with its task (pure medical reasons, you see) with some Grappa.

    Thank you, Wanda! Yes it was a fine day, and sunshine and blue sky definitely helped: It’s not yet spring around here, but winter is broken.

    Back to the grind again, dear Princess! Are you starting your next collection?

    Oh, I hope your intuitions will go unproven, dear Norma! Or is it more than an idea? Anyway – Masel und Broches!

    I am glad to have shown you something new, oh learned Nurse Myra, you shining star of the South Hemisphere!

    Cheerio, Savannah !!

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