… bla bla …

… I’d like to write about something like the Frankenkamera, or the Pre-Raphaelites, strange places like Grodno, or anything, but it does not work. I would like to visit all the blogs in my list of “favorites”, as it is called by the machine, and say something more or less funny, witty even, but it does not work: I am not funny or witty, I am just terribly tired.
No, no terrible things happened, nobody died in the last six weeks, no projects went down the drain causing major desperation, just the normal grind. But it reaches the substance now, slowly like the damn drip of water holing the stone. Waiting is a trap.
Of course there are things to be done, like taking care of the business website, doing more on g+ – what could be fun, given the strange mix of people, who added me to their circles -, or just hovering the room … No, chez mago is not turning into a filthy flea pit, I iron my shirts and brush my shoes, no neglect.  Living under the bridge, cracking up another can of  cheap beer, the usual and normal fears of the slowly but steadily sinking middle class … I have cheap white and my desk. “It” still works, I still have an aim (kind of), an idea about what I want.
And there is always science, what we call arrogantly Kultur-Wissenschaft, history or else (Volkskunde once), a large playground, a lot of fields and topics to play and fool around with, to use the brain, to wonder and get emotional about … all this wanking does not pay. But it keeps one away from total desperation, it’s always amazing with what kind of nonsense one can make it into the news and for what utter bullshit one can rake in Forschungsgelder.
I visited a kind of informal coloquium in the last week, saw a lot of people I knew for some time, it could have been a kind of family reunion … and I felt a bit out of place, like the “ex” who occasionally visited. I did basically feel not well and left early.
I learned very early the fine art of camouflage, it’s like a suit I wear. Kleider machen Leute, clothes make people, but not humans.

Just some music.


Here should appear a youtube, but wp does not want to link.
Here is the link.
Some strange music by Ted REICHMAN. Give it a chance.



14 thoughts on “… bla bla …

  1. Dear Mr Maggs…
    The Blah’s seem to be an over riding force in my life at present. It’s a case of eager anticipation over a lack of definitive focus. A little like your musical choice today which helped me to formulate this response.
    I haven’t started on costumes for the wizard of Oz as yet… I have lots of ideas flowing but am still awaiting the green light from the powers that be… before the the ideas can be brought to form. The predominant feeling is one of frustration. But my friend “This too shall pass”…

  2. In earlier days frightened children got a tail of a shirt or of a blanket to suckle, no idea why this comes to my mind now, Roses.

    Yes, that would be nice, desperation brightened by sunshine – at the moment it is not working, Austere, sorry. But the coming days will be better.

    Yes, exactly – until everybody nodded and mumbled “okay” … yes, one day even the last oh so important nodder will have shaken his thang – I bet you have some formidable ideas, dear Princess.

    I could try to shower her in wine, if she ever visits Franconia, LX.

    Hope the travel together with your son went well, Melanie. Take care, my dear.

  3. A bit of levitation is always welcome, dear Myra, could happen a bit more often.

    That is very nice from you, Roses. It works well if the twisted handkerchief is dipped into Rum or some brandy, sends the kiddies to sleep.

  4. You have a standing invite to come to India– you know that. Mumbai is just about 35 degrees C, not humid yet.
    BTW remembered you when I learned the names of more of my forefathers y’day. Somewhere from Emperor Akbar’s time. Instances of land, revenue being taken away and returned. Wonder what they must have done to get back into good books of the British. :)

  5. My son was an amazing travel companion, could not have hoped for better. Crossing my fingers the trip home will be just as good. There was turbulance that did distress me so, I think I lost five years of life, but the little toddler did not know better and thought it was “fun” and fell asleep content for an hour. -M

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