Again I Was Denied the Teddy

Four and a half years ago they worked on one side of the jaw, now it’s time to do the other side. At least I was told this some weeks ago, when I visited the dentist for a checkup. Then they decided to give me another date when they’d look at the mess – this date was today. The beautiful young lady looked into my mouth and said that she would “burn off” some of that gingiva that blocked her vision of my tooth in full. So I signed a paper in which I declared that they had told me about the risks of an injection with painkillers. I asked them to mix in some psilocybin (Ger., Eng.) to make it groovy, but they are too young for that. She poked a bit in my gums – “Do you feel this?” -, then reached for the drill (“The large one, Petra.”), and after some Oohs and Aahs the affaire was over. Nothing was done, simply because of the fact that the tooth is not repairable, but I have no payne or afflictions: So it makes no sense to pull it out now, but it will have to go when it hurts, this may be in two months or another four years, nobody knows.
I really wonder what one has to endure to be allowed the Teddy.

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  1. i had no idea what “being denied the teddy” meant, sugar! LOL as to not losing a tooth, that i can relate to – i have the same thing going as well. *sigh* it’s there, but at some point it could go south quickly! xoxoxoxox

  2. Dentistry is a profession that always leaves me wondering who would invest all that time and money in becoming someone widely perceived as a sadist. Besides, of course, sadists. I know several people who are practically phobic of the places, with good reason. They now flock to the newer offices that offer every comfort and drug possible, often going to lengths even I find comical. My dentist’s office is not terribly new but extremely surreal: every person in there is absolutely gleaming, oddly chipper as if they all hit the gas before starting each day. They always hand me the remote to the tv as if a little background noise will take my mind off of the fact that they cram 2 hands and 4 instruments in my mouth at once while proceeding to talk amongst themselves. He’s very well respected in our area, but I still can’t shake the fact that he cut my face one time. I hope to replace him before I need to go again, but I’m putting it off. Sorry to hear you were denied, but very glad you made it out unscathed.

  3. The ursine, Mitzi, we did not find time to discuss the lad’s lacy one piece undergarment, and until you mentioned it here I did not know about it.

    Hello Portia – I’m very glad to see you here again! Is there a possibility that you’ll return to bloggsville? The “oh we are so damn up to scratch” had worn off a bit on Friday afternoon, they wanted to get it done and then weekend. They had a screen on the ceiling, and some “soothing” pictures were shown. But I had to take off my glasses anyway, so it was of no use because I could see nothing, and closed my eyes. They had a radio tuned into one of the local stations. The sound tapestry was plainly non-descript. They should show some guts and play metal … I am sorry to hear that the doctor hurt you, I don’t believe that I would overcome this and return.

  4. Manners!

    Actually the strange ointments they put on my gums become weaker, and it starts to hurt a bit, Savannah.

    The doc really gave you an electric toothbrush, LX? I have to pay ten Euro to be allowed to visit the rooms! Its called Praxisgebühr.

  5. Dentists be the bain of my life! Over the years since my youth I think I could have funded several world tours with the money begrudgingly handed over to dentists. Bad genetic inheritance from my Father who had full dentures at 18 years of age. Sadly for me practices changed with the belief that “Preserving” ones natural teeth at any cost was paramount! Particularly if it meant return visits to the dentist. Fillings, extractions, more fillings more extractions, partial plates, remodelled partial dentures… It goes on and on! Currently saving to have another partial plate constructed for lower jaw. Remind me to remove the “Cash Cow” sign from around my neck before I visit again next time. And believe me… There will be a next time.

  6. Hello! I know, I heard that a lot. I still don’t know what possessed me to, but I did go back. Like Princess, I inherited a mouth full of problems and was given a schedule stretching out for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, after something like 8 appointments in 6 months, and having to borrow the funds to cover it all, I canceled and haven’t been back since. This was a few years ago now and I dread the eventual and inevitable return.

    I don’t think I can return to posting about my life on the internet, but I was thinking of blogging my dreams. Since I made a lifestyle change a few months ago they have returned with a vividness and they are seriously odd! Last night I was being hunted.

  7. Oh no! That sounds hideous! Poor you.

    I also need to visit the dentist, in fact you’ve reminded me I have to make an appointment for a couple of weeks’ time.

    Here, I know it’s not a teddy, but I dunked the coffee in a corner of my sash. Hope you don’t mind milk and sugar?

  8. Aw Princess, this hurts from reading …

    Mimi Mohair.

    Lifestyle change? What does that mean Portia? I normally can not remember my dreams, I wake up and dreamlands is switched off. Even this vivid area between wake and sleep, mostly in the morning when sleeping again, is ot stable in my memory. There is action before my inner eye, it is even possible thatI “go back” after a little wake up, but no memory.
    I hope the changes are all to the better and your dreams are no bad trips, dear Portia!

    In her twenties, slender, blond, white complexion, brown eyes, ca 175 cm, ca. 60 kg, high voice, energetic and competent, kind of Latin (Italian? Spanish?) family name. That’s all I remember LGS.

    Slurplsuchnummwaitsuckle … I nearly cleaned the stain … sounds not too well. I’ll have another cup too, dear Roses.

  9. Very Interesting, LX. I never dream in English. Sometimes I start to fourmulate a text in English because it forces me to focus, or an English word pops up when the German escapes me; but I have no rememberance of an English dream; I usually remember to have dreamt, it can be even vivid; and more than once I had the impression that there’d be some other life beyond the threshold, but no details, nothing stays behind.

  10. PS: When I was studying French in high school, I would sometimes dream in French.

    I read somewhere that dreams were the result of the subconscious dealing with unresolved conflict.

  11. Only some days ago I heared an interview with a scientist, who compared dreaming with the disk defraggler. He saied that the brain would sort through all kind of things and re-organize itself, drawing connections between things heared, saied, smelled etc, possibly building memory.

  12. That’s interesting. I have always heard what lx said, that dreams are how your subconscious deals with stuff. Often I can trace them back to something that I heard, saw or read during the day, but it’s always a trip to find how I twist it into a dream. I’d love to dream (or think) in another language, but obviously that won’t happen because I only know the one. I was of a difference race a few nights ago, that was interesting. I have the tendency to remember so much of my dreams now, I wake up feeling like I’ve hardly slept.

  13. Very interesting discussion…it seems to be the consensus that dreams serve an internal, individual purpose, whatever it may be. Perhaps they would dismiss the idea outright but I’d be very interested to hear their take on prophetic dreams, or those shared by two or more people which seem to indicate a possible connection to something beyond our own mind.

  14. That brings two things to my mind, but I do not know whether they are dircectly useful for dreams: The idea of “morphic fields” by Rupert Sheldrake – who btw will turn 70 this year, but the academic establishment will not forgive the heretic son, even if he finds the fountain of youth – and the Greek mysteries that used sleep and dreams as ways of introduction into the other world – and a strange brew of Mutterkorn too. I remember the book “Road to Eleusis”. Maybe looking in a bibliography about mysterical literature can produce more specific titles about “dream” and “sleep” (something with “hypno-“). The word “hypnophant” walks around in my head, but I do not know why.

  15. food for thought…Mr. Sheldrake’s site piques my curiosity…right or wrong it’s a shame he would be shut out…thank you, it’s a slow day around here :)

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