Sunday Music

Sunday Music – Early

… there may be a later one. I have no idea who Kathleen EMERY is (or was), but this thing has something to it and at the moment I like  it.



Do wp and google/youtube have some kind of war or what? The usual linking of a normal youtube does not work anymore, I have no idea why. And I do not care, let’em play with their code.

Maybe later some other music; enjoy this little piece of funk now, a bit schräg … the “pictures” are nonsense, as always – just jump in: Hope you enjoy.

P.s. I read the instructions again and again – until it dawned on me that I have to use the html-editor. The syntax is very easy:  [ youtube = insert link here and modify ] and be sure to remove the hyperlink that comes when you copy the video adress from the browser into your visual editor (!). WP is for Code fetishists …


17 thoughts on “Sunday Music – Early

  1. I am sorry LX, I don’t get it. I vaguely remember Leisure Suit Larry, but I was mostly shot in the early stages.

    Right into your face in this photograph, Nurse Myra.

    De nada, Roses mi curazon.

  2. Ponita says:

    Definite lounge lizard material. 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday, Mago!

    Youtube is owned by google. As is blogger. They see to be screwing everything up quite royally. By the way, I got rid of wv on my blog.

    I’d forgotten about Bill Murray, LX… he’s the epitome of a lounge lizard!! hehehe!

  3. Thank you LX – it definitely fits! There is nothing to be found about K. Emery, and I can’t help, this photo always remembers me of Joan Collins …

    They introduce new software, the whole things seems to get a make-over, Ponita. I just do not understand why wp does not work anymore correctly. It will be sorted out sooner or later. Tim wrote about word-verification and mentioned a ted-talk.

    That is good news, LGS!

  4. We are watching an energetic performance by MsScarlet, no doubt about it! A bit insecure after the Doppelaxel, that will cost a few points – here come the scorecards: 10 from Smythe-Shush; 8 from Tunguska, 9.5 from Knöller – that looks promising!

  5. You saw that they have a Jameson’s special too, MJ?

    YAY for you, dear XL!
    And I’m sure you developed a certain code-addiction over the years – maybe it’s an occupational desease?

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