9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It’s Monday morning here.

    Goodness, bit sprightly for this time of the morning. Well, at least I’m definitely awake.

    Morning honey. Hope this week goes well for you! xxx

  2. The RUttles! I had completely forgotten about this Supergroup! Thank you for the reminder LX.

    Thank you Ponita, it only can become better. Sadly I started this one with the return of the cold. Slowly I loose my patience.

    I would like to have a chance to do something, Savannah!

    Hope it was not too uncomfortable for Monday morning, dear Roses. Yes it will improve, this bastard of a week has no other chance …

    Thank you dear Princess, I’m working on it.

    Yes, Nurse Myra, but is it enough for the HHoF? I doubt.

  3. You are right – of course you are right, Joyce. And I think I now found the drive to actually do something. Slowly first, but things will change.

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