*cough* I think it’s time to slowly but steadily crawl back from under the rock, back into the sunlight. Last Monday I was much too confident, stood chatting outside in the sun ignoring a bit of wind – promptly the cold hit me again and this time stronger than before. From Monday evening to Thursday morning I felt pretty bad with fever and all, there was nothing else to do but read a bit, looking at silly colourful pages on the web, or simply do nothing and stare. So I read some novels by Eric AMBLER and slept a lot. Yesterday the fog in my head started to lift, a good sign. Also the sense of taste returns, bread and apple do have a taste, really!
Dangerous time, spring.

BTW: MsScarlet vanished.  Does someone know?

I just received word that MsScarlet, respectively her blog, is a victim of paranormal activity. Things are jumping, servers are starting or something.

And she’s back, that’s better!



15 thoughts on “Slowly

  1. Small whites, small yellows, buds on all others; when one walks along the gardens and listens carefully, one can hear the cones of the trees with needles crack open; the all too brownsih-yellow meadows start to turn green, everything has the first greenish hint. Only the air is not warm yet, ab und an ein giftiger Windstoß, just to remind one to keep the jacket on. That’s what I did not on Monday.

  2. Ha Ha!!! I got myself in a bit of a tis!! Seems to be okay, but I will keep an eye on it. I’ve tried to find out more about the suggested ‘unusual activity’, but I think it was down to me and my broadband speed problems and the weird things I do to try to make it go faster. Less said.

  3. We have set records for warmth but I am worried that if anything comes up it will be covered with snow. At my house nothing has come up but the tree is starting to bud. I can’t believe the snow and cold are done, I remember May snow storm. Spring colds are not good. Please take care.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been poorly.

    Keep warm darling and take things easy.

    The weather isn’t sure what it’s doing here, one minute grey, damp and cold; the next sunny and warm.

    The frogs in my garden are at it again. It’s definitely spring.

  5. You poor lamb, do you want me to send Carmen over to tend to your needs? She cooks the type of meal that used to be served to Edwardian invalids, huge quantities of bread and milk, jelly and custard, she even lines the tray with a tea towel. Glorious days in bed, meals on trays, antibiotics, listening to the radio, watching the clouds go by and doing nowt. Absolutely bliss.

  6. I’ve been very sick twice in the last month. Boo! I am never sick but here I am coughing/sputtering. I hate it. I’m sorry you’ve also been sick and I hope you’re well soon. REST! REST! Everyone tells me this is the worst time for colds and for once I believe them.

  7. Sounds like you are over the worst of it… Nothing like a seasonal cold to remind us of our mortality…. I hate the spring pollens that make me sneeze a lot. I hope that you continue to improve…. I’d be keeping my coat handy though just in case!

  8. Glad to hear you are on the mend, Mago. Take it easy and look after yourself!!

    There has been lots of bad colds and even pneumonia here in people who would not normally get that kind of illness. Weird germs floating around this year.

  9. sending you sunshine from hot hot Mumbai.
    take care and rest up and get well soonest.
    those descriptions of spring were dramatic!

    btw wordpress has made commenting difficult now.

  10. Good to have you back, MsScarlet. Google wants me to give them the number of a portable for security reasons, so they can send me an sms in case I do forget my name and password. It seemingly does not occur to them that there are people who do not have a portable.

    The early flowers start to bloom here Joyce. Maybe I can take a picture of a Magnolia and a cherry this year. But there is the possibility of a cold snap until Easter, which comes late this year I think.

    Maybe I will walk around the hill in the coming days, Roses, then I will look in the creek and see what the local mud inhabitants are up to. The filthy frogs of Norwich …

    Hach Mitzi, sounds like heaven … lamb

    Poor Boxer – I hope you are recovering! You had much stress at the end of last year. Yes it takes time – and my impatience and carelessness was punished at once. Allow yourself to recover, you’ll feel when it’s time to get back into the swing.

    Ah yes, the pollen, that will be next, dear Princess: Swollen eyes, running nose and dry throat, just like the day after just without the hooch. And the jacket stays on!

    Yes, Mistress. *crawls towards chaiselongue*

    Thank you Wanda! I hope your daughter is out of the hospital now.

    I wonder whether there was an increase in pneumonia here in Europe, Ponita. I think there are more respiratory related illnesses. I should have taken my Grippe shots …

    Thank you for the sunshine Austere, it arrived!
    What did they change? I did not realise that the commenting settings are different, I did nothing to it. I will look at it.

  11. TA – they are all soup denying! Thank you for your good wishes, LGS, I am feeling better. But I am amazed how weak I am: Just vacuuming the appartement makes my knees feel wobbly. But it becomes better and I avoid cold wind at all cost!

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