Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The clock was manipulated last night – one hour backwards – Sommerzeit. The world is himmelblau today, small clouds far away, they look friendly. What a difference the sun makes, no wonder the ancients built large structures to measure time, calendars, from the Schwarzwald to Southern India*.
Next week the balcony will be cleaned and the bicycle will be serviced, time to get active again. Let’s start with a waltz, Amour et Printemps by WALDTEUFEL (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you enjoy it and have a fine and successful week!



* Stone alignment with solar and other sight lines in South India, CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 102, NO. 5, 10 MARCH 2012, 683-684



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. No, it’s not you… it’s happening on all WordPress blogs. It’s to do with Gravatar, I think. I used to be able to link myself to my blogspot, but now it won’t let me do that… I have to link to my weird wordpress back up blog… which is okay, but slightly irritating.

  2. Ponita says:

    You turned your clocks back? We turn ours ahead in spring one hour. “Spring ahead. Fall back.” Turn the clock ahead one hour in spring and backwards one hour in fall.

    I need to get my bike serviced as well. It has not been used in a year and a half… and has been hanging on my wall collecting dust since I hurt my shoulder. Can’t wait to get on it again and zoom around the city!!!

    Happy Spring to you, dear Mago. 🙂

  3. xl says:

    I hate it when the time changes. It disturbs my sleep for weeks. uggh.

    I’ve had trouble commenting and follow-up remarks here for the recent posts. Even using my WP identity. Maybe WP is trying to copy Blogger in user-unfriendliness!

  4. Princess says:

    Hello Mr Maggs. A lovely Waltz to start the week thank you.
    for some very strange reason they make us keep our clocks running at an hour into the future here for all of summer through to the end of March! The problem is that not all states make the change which creates all sorts of silliness when travelling from state to state.
    And now blogger is all over the place with it’s time stamps on comments!
    I think it is all part of a global conspiracy.

  5. Touchè Ponita! Of course it went one hour ahead – one hour lost. I do not like this fiddling with time. My bike is a simple old one with only five gears – there is nothing big to service. I will fiddle around with it a bit, have a look at the brakes and at the gear channge – I think I done something wrong some time ago and it’s a bit of a nuisance to switch into the fifth. I think I changed the tubes last summer – and did not ride, what a shame!

    Yes, it will be enjoyable and helpful in the coming season, dear Wanda. Hope you are well and kicking!

    This time change is a real payne in the rectum, XL. everytime I look at the clock I am amazed what it shows. Actually my sleeping patterns are a bit strange and I will try to bring this “in line”, especially next month. I think they will expect me to show up in the morning, smiling and yabba-dabba-doh and all. Something I can only stage in summertime.
    I thik they all made some changes to their code and it will take time until it has drizzeled down to all the servers.

    Good to learn that there are no commenting problems in Australia, dear Princess – and I think you are damn right: Time Thieves! A global conspirancy!
    In other news: I read that there are floods again – hopefully not in your area?

  6. Princess says:

    Fortunately not that close to home this time but still close enough! right down the eastern coastline there have been very heavy rains. To the North East along the River Murray that forms the border between Victoria and New South Wales towns have been inundated once again. Central New South Wales and Southern Queensland have all been affected. It is the end of the monsoon season in the north of the country which tends to send rain south.

  7. Wasn’t there a big dryness in the years before? I hope it is possible for Australia to have this abundand masses of water stored somehow, partly of course, that the reservoirs are filled up again. I would bite my own arse off when I’d be inundated now again, after having repaired what the previous flood damaged. Water becomes more and more precious in many places of the world, it is a bit of luxury to have clean drinking water. Southern Europe is dry, the Near East has problems with it, the US learn that the aquifers are either poisoned or simply falling dry. Your house and garden may stay unharmed and blooming, dear Princess!

  8. Oh that would be cool! But at the moment it’s not possible, maybe in some months. They are realy good, the Pedelecs, especially in town Here one can reach any place by bike, and with the electrical one one has not to sweat up the hill. Traveling through Middle Franconia also would be very nice!
    But I will use my normal one for the coming time – pictures of it later, sometime on Thursday maybe.

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