A Man Goes Away

Sometimes it is no good idea to catch up with the news.
43 years, 190 cm, ca. 85 kg, short blond hair. He left his appartement in Moabit (Ger., Eng.) on the 10th of this month and drove away with his car. The grey Peugeot was found near Glienicker Brücke (Ger., Eng.). The police says that all investigation proofed useless and hence is stopped.
Michael is the long time partner of my dear friend Jeanne. Some readers may recognize her name, she died in May 2009. Last thing I heard about Michael is that he married, some time last year; his work as actor seems to be successful. I have no idea what happened.

17 thoughts on “A Man Goes Away

  1. Thank you for drawing my attention to a post which I made drunk on Saturday and forgotten by Sunday. Now deleted. Thank-you. A rare insight into my mind that I wouldn’t want people to see. Xxxx

  2. Unsettling is the right word, XL. No worries. Ich habe nicht vor “‘mal eben Zigaretten holen ” zu gehen.

    Thanky for the hugs, dear Roses. But I think his family needs them more than me.

    At the moment there seems to be no chance to find out more, Nurse Myra. Time will tell.

    Thank you, Boxer.

    All right, lionessa. Take care please. I hope you do not wash them down with vodka, it is dangerous. Write, speak, do not suffer.

  3. I am very sorry to disappoint you, Austere – and everybody else who expressed her or his hope that he’d return alive: Yesterday Michael was found dead in the river Havel in Berlin, near the bridge where his car was found last month. Police say that there are no traces of external impact whatsoever. May he rest in peace.

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