Push the Right Thing Please

Fahr’n fahr’n fahr’n auf der Autobahn … all I can say is that I do not like it anymore. Maybe I’m old. I just grab a big truck and hang in its slipstream, doing hundred km/h and keeping a distance. At this speed one has even a chance to look at the landscape – if there is any within an agglomeration like Stuttgart for example. Frankfurt area or Rhein-Main is even worse. There is nothing to see, just Autobahn, built for machines and speed, transit only.
I think 80 out of 100 cars that whoosh by are black, 10 are greyish-silvery, 10 are white, no living colour. And 95 out of 100 are plain ugly: Metal boxes in the old three box design (motor, passenger, luggage), with clumsy backs. The most ugly were Mini Countryman, BMW X whatever, and all these vomit inducing Smarts – no way I will ever climb in such a hypertrophic wheelchair. Even boy racer’s low down Golf II looks good in comparison!
Boring. And draining.
The Autobahn is like a vein, a Schlagader. I had to use a good piece of a fully developed three lane part between two economic centers, in the middle of the week, one way around midday and back on late afternoon/early evening. I never before had realised what a brutal piece of engineering it is, how it is rammed through the countryside, how it reduces man to function: drive or die.
When (!)  I win the lottery and will be able to travel through this wonderful continent called Europe to visit its cultural highlights, I will use public transport like trains and busses for distances; I will rent a car to visit places out of the beaten track by meself. But I will not use the German Autobahn system (Ger., Eng.), or something similar elsewhere –  all about transport, no travel. I do not believe that it is different in other metropolitan areas.

I may be wrong, but I feel that generally the level of brutality is raised in Europe over the last ten years in any aspect  – more violence on the streets, more profanity and abuse, more dishonesty (“politician” is an insult today),  less enlightenment and more rule of any kind. This is all silly, I am tired and angehievt, but something changed and I can not grab it.  Ach was soll’s, just some blues.

12 thoughts on “Push the Right Thing Please

  1. Road trip! Obviously, you’ll need someone to take pictures of you and LX, so very selflessly, I offer my services. I’m rubbish with a map, so if getting lost in the back roads of Europe is your thing, I’m your bitch.

    Yes, something has changed. Time to change things back again!

  2. Yesterday I was looking around at the vehicles in a parking lot and noticed the lack of colour.

    We NEED colour to brighten the winter AND our spirits!

  3. Da sprichst Du ein großes Wort gelassen aus, dear Wanda.

    … the colours … “land yacht” sounds very special and exotic, XL. Especially when you remember the dinghi we used here.

    Thank you for the offer Roses, I would very much like you to take care of the navigation. If someone wants to see our passports we’ll have reached some Eastern frontier of Europe.

    It’s amazing, isn’t it: No red, orange, green, not even dark blue. All black, grey, some white (company cars mostly, because that is free) and the ubiquitary silver-grey. Oh yes, I’d be happy to accept a ride in the MistressMobile – is it a chaise-a-porter?!

  4. Sorry for your unfriendly trip. I made an unplanned trip yesterday but I was in a 86 big car. I like lots of car around me when I drive. Have a great week.

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