Sunday Music

Für M.D.

Time flies, definitely a fast week.
I did not have in the last week, and will not have in the coming week a “normal” internet access, so there will be no posts until next weekend. I have to travel a bit and will spend my time mostly in Mittelfranken. Which is an astoundingly hospitable place all in all.
Life is great – I hope you enjoy it and nothing will make you throw it away. “A stick, a stone, a sliver of glass, a scratch, a cliff, a knot in the wood, a fish, a pin, the end of the road …” and manymany other things, it’s all in Águas de Março, The Waters of March (Ger., Eng.), by A.C. JOBIM (Ger., Eng.), here interpreted by Susannah MCCORKLE (Ger., Eng.).




12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. A joyous week to you too Mr Mags.
    Autumn has arrived here with cool nights and warm sunny days. Sadly the garden is confused with many plants blooming that really should be getting themselves ready for winter…

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