Sunday Music

I don’t know what goes faster these days, the week or the weekend. But it seems to come true that I’ll have a working internet connection next week in the middle of Franconia. Books will be carried around, dust will be blown up in the air, and finally I’ll start to do some research.
On this Sunday Music we hear PHILIDEL, an airy spirit, giving fair advice:

Hither, this way, this way bend,
Trust not the malicious fiend.
Those are false deluding lights
Wafted far and near by sprites.
Trust ’em not, for they’ll deceive ye,
And in bogs and marshes leave ye.

If you step no longer thinking,
Down you fall, a furlong sinking.
‘Tis a fiend who has annoy’d ye:
Name but Heav’n, and he’ll avoid ye.
Hither, this way.

From Henry PURCELL’s (1695-1695) (Ger., Eng.) semi opera in five acts King Arthur. I hope you enjoy this little piece and have a good week, avoiding bogs and marshes.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m swinging hither and yon between my bureau and the book mine, XL, could not find no fiend until now!

    Good luck, dear Joyce – as I write this we are nearly half way through this week, time flies, really!

    Dear Norma, dear Nurse, maybe you should work a bit on your fixations.

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