Carrying a Big Stick

Mobile internet via a stick – it seems to be a good idea, simple and viable. Theoretically. Practically it means that I have to check out the times of the day when the majority of the students will not use their mobile devices or whatever they carry around to communicate with their friends next door. Yes – I should not climb a high horse, I know. Sometimes the thing works fast and there is nearly no difference with what I have at home, and then again it’s a bit like in the old modem-days, just without the funny noises. Basically it works, the intricacies will be figured out.
Now I’m off to the book mines, carrying stuff around and raising dust – HA!


13 thoughts on “Carrying a Big Stick

  1. Princess says:

    The youth of today amaze me! I stood in the queue at the supermarket today behind a mother and her 3 teenage daughters. There was Mum dutifully emptying the trolly of groceries on to the counter while the three daughters stood in queue texting each other on their mobile phones!

    What ever happened to just talking? Or giving mum a hand for that matter!

  2. Thank you for the link to the dwarves, XL – I will enjoy it in all its glory on Frayday evening at home. It took nearly two minutes to load the first ten seconds – until the chief dwarf shouted his Heigh-Ho. So this connection here is really unfit for moving pictures. That’s what they have in the big towns,ya know, like Ansbach. 🙂

    It’s not true if it’s not on facebook, dear Princess. The Landjugend here is still more interested in traditional things like Fussball and cars. Some of them even great me! Definitely another planet …

    Yeah, damn dirty and dangerous, I’m more than ready for your butterstick, MsScarlet.

  3. I am a bloody hero, Annaka!

    I will use it for work only, Joyce, only for research in some databses, so I do not become impatient regardless how long it takes. But it drives me nuts when I want to communicate with people via web, or want to hear music / see videos etc.

    Yes this was always a nice sound, Nurse Myra, think it was called Impulswahlverfahren, but may be wrong.

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