Sunday Music

Here we go … on my way to bed to find a few hours sleep, the damndarkmorningSavannah) all too fast will be looming again, and then buses and trains will carry me back to the book mines. I hope all things you undertake or start in the coming week will be successful. Like moving to a new place for example. Recovering from a bad weenie. Contemplating the FGES competition.
In the end we have to use what we are given. I’m sure Ángel ROMERO (Ger., Eng.) was given his first guitar by his father Celedonio (Eng.). Celedonio wrote a Suite Andalucia, and Angel performs it’s Fantasia at the Boston Guitarfest 2008, I think it gives him pleasure and hope you enjoy it too.





4 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank You, XL, it was a nice week. More later. I hope your adventure went also sucessfull and smooth!

    She’s a night crawler, dear Norma

    Also known as Our Lady from Montreal or Notre Dame de Monte Veneris, dear Myra.

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