Sunday Music

What a fast – and strange –  week it was. Short, because of the holiday; all of a sudden summer arrived with tempertures of more than 30° Celsius – and as fast as it came it vanished again, today its grey, cold and raining. It feels like a harvest afternoon.
Here is a quiet little piece by McCoy TYNER (Ger., Eng.) titled After the Rain.
With a very special nod to Macy.




9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank you XL. No thunder and lightning so far, but notably on Thursday more than 30° C, Saturday and today 16° C maximum, and rain rain rain … it’s needed. Terrible headaches on Friday.
    Your system in the library will inspire me in the coming week!

  2. I am glad that you liked the music, dear readers!
    One can phantasize and dream with or in the music, Nurse Myra.

    This actual week is a short one again, Wanda. It’S ascension day on Thursday and I will take the Frayday off so I have four free days. Maybe I go cycling.

    Ich habe ein schlechtes Gewissen, dear Z, I have to catch up with your blog.

    I am glad to see you here again Joyce!

    Ha, gorgeous music for gorgeous Roses!

    I do not know the Coltrane version, MJ. Something to search for …

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