Sunday Music

Here’s a version of The Way Young Lovers Do by Van MORRISON (Ger., Eng.) that is different from the one on the lp Astral Weeks. I would not describe my live and times as “astral” or “stellar”, but in comparison to what it was some months ago (subterranean in hindsight), namely through last winter, it has definitely improved. Things get sorted. I discover that I have a brain (kind of) and that it can still be used … life is an adventure.
Let’s hope that life is a friendly adventure for all of us, at least for the coming seven days, I wish it for you: Have a good week.



Maybe I can post more often now.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. cheers, sugar! we live in hope, right? a good adventure and positivity for all of us this week and into the future! good to see you again, dear friend! xoxoxoxo

  2. So happy to hear things have improved for you, Mago! A functioning brain is a useful thing, no? ;-)

    The week will be a busy one for me. I’m working six evenings in a row, but Monday being a holiday here means I get time and a half pay for that shift. It will be a nice pay cheque.

    Wishing you a peaceful and pleasant adventure this coming week. xoxo

  3. That is quite the unusual version Mr Mags. Thank you. I really enjoy
    Mr Morrison at the best of times and I’ve not heard this version either until now. I’m very pleased that you have found your brain working soundly again. I find that mine goes missing occasionally but it usually returns out of the fog eventually and continues to astound me as to how fulfilling things can become once it is reapplied!

    Have a great week!

  4. I’ve always known you have a wonderful brain! The problem is often finding the right opportunities or time to let ourselves excel! I hate capitialim! We slave to make the next rent or mortage payment to survive when human civilization is capable of fantastic things. We could save the planet and reach the stars to new worlds. We need new ways of thinking, new forms of transportation, new ways of harnessing energy, creating and distributing food, solving waste problems. If we fail to this we will die.

    That I chose to have a child shows my optimism that we can change.


  5. Thank You very much, dear Savannah for dropping by and for your friendly words! Yes, we live in hope, in the end that is what may stay.
    But on the other side – dope helps too.

    Six late shifts in a row – ah Ponita, be careful with your shoulder please! I hope those evenings and nights will be un-eventful. When working in security the standard goodby was “Eine ruhige Nacht noch!”, something like “Have a quiet night!”.

    It’s a bit crumbly on the edges, Eryl, maybe I sat on it for a while … Talking about changing life You are the one to be asked!

    HA – sometimes I feel a bit like “Der letzte Mann”, XL – sorry I can not link youtubes here, I can not see them: The connection is better with some tweaks and tricks, but forget to watch a video. It’s good to hear that the cats become friendly with the new surrounding (sich anfreunden mit den neuen Räumen).

    Yeah, sometimes it is simply a nice surprise to find the grey thing at its best again, dear Princess! I really hope your working/slaving on the Pfaff is nearing the end and you will see the results of your hard work soon!

    Ah, the planet, Proxima – I tried to save that damned thing and did my part – except from producing children – I hope your optimism and momentum carries on, really!

    I’m sitting in the Franconian woods and watch a nice thunderstorm on the horizon. The temperature fell after a nice windy and sunny day. After getting up in the damndarkmorning (Savvanah coined this!) and travelling I’m dog tired and surrounded by books, Schwarzriesling is a friend. I’ll love my bed and will happily work my ass off through this week here – it’s not paradise, but a nice image of it.

  6. One could argue that you have not contributed to the over-population of the planet. Don’t worry, I will teach Noah the value of history and to enjoy a variety of musical taste.

  7. “I tried to save that damned thing and did my part – except from producing children”
    You did this your part already very, very well – is it important that these are the “self-produced” children? No, I say no! You did a very well job with respect (!) to adolescents already! Often.

    Thank you for the music: It warmed my heart …


  8. Van the Man! But no trumpets in this version? Sometimes it’s good to blow your trumpet!
    Mumbles and trails off into a lost metaphor

  9. I’m sure you’ll teach your son well and all he needs to know, Melanie.

    The adolescents I am actually surrounded by should mostly be treated with a very large boot, dear Anna

    Naw, I’m the last one and that’s it. And besides, the first 20 years children only make trouble, are expensive and noisy … they should be delivered when they go to the first Proseminar

    No trumpets in this version, Macy. I found it always a bit difficult to understand Van’s Knödeling, especially when those fetzige brass section jumped in. I’m not so much in trumpet blowing, sorry.

  10. I’m sorry, Nurse Myra, I have no idea who Jeff Buckley is. Astral Weeks is a bit like “always summer” for me.

    Poirot may be the only belgian export of note, MJ, a pretty rotten society there in the heart of Europe …

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