Sunday Music

Sunday Music

It’s rainy and pretty cold. Summer still has not fully arrived, dramatic skies and racing clouds instead. The land needed the water and there is rich green everywhere now. I’m tired and a bit grumpy. the day was vertrullert, there is always a small headache Maybe a little thunder will come.
You all already have heard VIVALDI’s Four Seasons, but maybe not in the version of Jacques LOUSSIER (Ger., Eng.). It’s a bit longer a piece as usual (over nine minutes), but in a way it describes the mood of the day and I think it’s worth listening.

Have a successful week. And be careful when you wear socks only, especially when you carry a coffee mug and a muesli bowl; it can be slippery. And you look foolish lying on the ground in mueslicoffee …




21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Princess says:

    Might I offer you a towel Mr Maggs? I hope you managed to right yourself after that little miss hap, otherwise the offer of a pillow and blanket might be more useful. For future thought might i suggest a pair of These

  2. Jon, do me a favour: Please do not call me “Sir”: This word evokes images in my empty head of dignified grey haired gentlemen gravly pondering serious business …

    A very wise decision Z! The cup I smashed was a present belonging to another person, I wonder whether I can replace it. Thankfully no Norfolk original …

    Very thoughtful of you, dear Princess, the towel is it, nothing serious happened to the old bonesack. Always astounding is how fast the perspective can change: Slip, slam, and the corridor looks totally different – and muesli and coffee are not really to be used for re-decorating … Would you please have a look at the link you provided, Princess – it does not work, thank you.

    Thank you LX, I’ll try my very best to get it official: A lot of technicalities need to be adressed, especially the question of the socks! How much coffee? Früchtemusli versus chocolate coated sugar bombs … a point system, figures of Pflicht and Kür … and a name: “Slam with yer muesli into the corridor” is not that promising and mobilizing the masses imho. I heared that there is something called “jackasses” on the tv where people do hurtful things for pleasure and profit. But I think the mueslislam is far more gentle than this.

  3. Mago I am always walking around in sock or barefeet. Shoes are not on unless I am going outside for a long time or if I have to drive the car.
    I have the scars to prove it. I try not to carry coffee and something as I know I will spill.
    Don’t worry about the weather you know it will change and dark skies can’t last forever. Have a great week and don’t decorate the floor and walls anymore. Hope the bruise disappears soon.

  4. Princess says:

    Sorry about the link Mr Maggs, It seems Nurse Myra had the same Idea.
    My link was meant to go to a pair of non slip socks that have little rubberized lines embedded into the sole.

  5. Thank You Nurse Myra, always in style. My ideas went more in this direction …
    Jack L. is free with Vivaldi’s musical text, but I think the thunder and rainstorm in the second part are clearly recognizable.

    Thank you for the kind words Joyce – fellow sock wearer! Yes I am done with redecoration now, at least at home. Here in the bookmines it is a constant of moving things

  6. You snug in while I waited for the comments/answers to load, dear Princess. Thank you, very thoughtful – but with all that gum on my feet you may call me Gummo, the lost Marx brother … Or I could go all Wellies as MsScarlet does here

  7. I also wear socks inside. My feet get cold. Oddly enough, my socks today have little rubberised grips.

    I try never to spill coffee. Waste of a fabulous drink.

    Muesli on the other hand, well, I’d be alright about spilling. I’m not overly fond of the stuff.

  8. I’m de-grumped now, MsScarlet: Good sleep and no more headaches work wonders!
    Even fairies wear wellies …

    I avoid the strange concoction too, Roses, it’s basically made from Hafer – and that’s for horses only.

    This would involve a serious and thoroughly re-programming and re-definition of roles etcetc, dear Mistress, I gues until all the sessions with the psychologist would take effect …

  9. Well, I just stepped in warm cat puke, so in a way, we are suffering parallel indignities today.

    I also have the added non-bonus of: a sick toddler, a leaky kitchen facuet, a rodent living under the sink and a broken washing machine. Plus I must leave on Friday to my hometown which I try to avoid as much as possible. Oh dread, what drama will prevail this time?

    Ciao for now my friend,

  10. And no coffee or muesli stains in the books, Eryl

    Warm cat puke may have a certain resemblence with Müsli – I must ask, Melanie
    I’m sorry to hear that your son is sick, nothing serious I hope. The other things are the joys of living in a (kind of) rural house I guess. I hope you will have a stress- and drama-free trip and stay!

  11. I am too sick to travel, so I had to cancel. I hope my Aunt won’t die before I get there. She is terminally ill with months to live, on the flip side, I am also to welcome a new life into this world and neither should be exposed to this nasty virus. I go back to bed now, before Noah wakes up crying from his nap.


  12. Oh Dear … First things first: Cure your son, cure yourself, then travel, then washing machine. I think faucet and animal are of minor importance now. Did you ever think that there could be a connection between the virus and the animal? I ask because here in Germany a thing called “Hanta-Virus” is incrisingly registered, symptoms of an infection are similar to a light influenza (Grippe), it is caused by furry little animals living under sinks.

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