Sunday Music

Sunday Music

I wonder whether knocking on wood, preferably three times, is all around the world understood as a gesture that brings luck or at least keeps un-luck out.
The lazy days are over now. The next two months will see some major activity – and there are no more additional free days in the middle of the week, mini holiday breaks that make it even more difficult to find back into working rhythm. Some craftsmen threatened me with hanging around the bookmine tomorrow from the early morning on – I already see myself hauling boxes from room to room, away from dust and debris …
Here comes Eddie FLOYD (Ger., Eng.) of STAX-fame (Ger., Eng.) (E.S.AXTON, the lady who put the AX in STAX, obituary) with Knock on Wood, classic Memphis sound – hope you like it and have a lucky week!




13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Princess says:

    Great original version. I remember the Amii Stewart Disco Version in the late seventies… lots of pearls and a crazy head dress… this version is much more refined. Sounds to me like the work pace for you is picking up. Have a great week Mr Maggs.

    Craftsmen in the Bookmine? I’d be on high alert to avoid any stray pokes from a wayward knitting needle if I were you.

  2. Just a few years older than Morrison’s Astral Weeks, dear Nurse Myra

    I fear they will not be knitting, dear Princess, but banging stark instruments against and probably through the walls …

    Yes, it’s time to get really busy and it’s time to count some hours to have money comeing in – God alone knows how the situation may look after next winter, Joyce

  3. It’s Monday morning here. And Eddie Floyd is still great.

    I also have the Amii Stewart version, I play that loud, loud, loud.

    What fabulous news that your work is kicking off! I am so pleased for you! Following your bliss worked! Yay!

  4. Too late XL. Yesterday I heaved around thirty of them containing the magazine tomes. I stored them and put a nice plastic tarpaulin over them, they can sit there for some months. The boxes were packed for storage, not for transport, so it was a bit heavy, but the spirit won over the flesh – ha! BTW these boxes are not so much of a problem. Today the men replaced three windows in rooms I do not use, but tomorrow my bureau is due: These nice large metall desks they gave me are a bit more of a problem, but it will be solved in the next hour or so … I’ll evacuate my large screen and DBE, she won’t get hurt, no worries!

    Hey Roses – thank you very much! Things slowly point upwards – knock on wood!

    “Major activity” may be a bit hypertroph … it simply means that I really have to work – shocking! I am very glad that you came by, Eryl.

    I tried and played around with some microphones etc. Austere, because I want to read one or two of your poems aloud. I still have not figuered out the technical part – it’s simply a question of hardware, I have a combined headphone/speaker-thing but it does not do the trick, there is a stoneage simple microphone that works, but I have it not here with me.
    I just want to hear whether I can pronounce your texts in the way I think they could be spoken. I am sure it will be a total mess and must apolgize in advance.

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