Sunday Music

Sunday Music

A bit late, but it’s still Sunday in Franconia – and a strange weekend it was. So I find it’s time for a nice voice, a simple song and some pictures of yesterday – this leads to Lee WILEY (Ger., Eng.)  (1908-1975) performing Manhattan in 1951. Hope you enjoy.
Have a good and peaceful week, I’ll have to robot.




10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m late to the party again.

    This is a perfect start to my week. Thank you.

    So, “strange weekend”, we’d like details.

    I don’t need to know of course, but my ‘friend’ really wants to know!

    🙂 xx

  2. Great music of the year I graduated high school and got married the first time. Have a great week and hope” strange” does not describe your week also.

  3. Sorry, no Zappa, Savannah, but I think I once linked a solo of the master from a concert in Sweden, or maybe I toyed with the idea I am not sure about it. It is definitely on youtube titled something like “Zappa going insane”, but its genuine good guitar work.

    Thank you Boxer, fellow lunch paricipant: Good luck with all!

    “Strange” as in … strange feelings of alienation, XL flings of loosing the temper, being at the wrong place, maybe I spend too much time here in my bureau. But I blame the weather, it’s a constant up and down of the temperature and, worse, the pressure of the air. Sometimes I can feel when my brain turns to jelly, things do not work correctly anymore and a deep tiredness sets in. Sleep is the only remedy that helps, artificial helpers are of no use. And I thank God on my knees for betablockers.

    Hope you have a good time, Nurse Myra.

    See my answer to XL please, Roses. I think a certain southern Gentleman will hear “a friend” mentioned for some time coming …

    WHow, what an eventful year for you Joyce! I am back in Mittelfranken, alive and kicking, and do my normal strange things, like sleeping from 13:30 to 16:00 and sitting at my desk at 23:00. But I know meself and my rhythm and it will sich einschuggeln.

  4. One fine day, MJ, we’ll drink Canada dry!

    What a joy to see you Raine: It’s all right, I’m alive and kicking, somtimes a bit sideways, but I blame the weather and the rural surroundings.
    Last time you wrote on your blog you mentioned moving – have you moved house? I hope you and all yours are healthy!

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