Random thoughts. “Stil ist der Wille zur Form” – I know that I have read this somewhere years ago, but I can not verify the source, I think its connected with the art historian Günther BINDING (Ger.), van DOESBURG (Ger., Eng.) may somewhere waft in the background.

Erstes Capitel.
Styl im Allgemeinen
§ 1.
Styl (στυλος, stylus, Griffel) im Allgemeinen ist die einem Menschen eigenthümliche Art, seine Gedanken auszudrücken durch die Sprache oder durch das Bild, in der Absicht, daß dieselben von Anderen (Wesen außer sich) aufgefaßt und verstanden werden.”*

Music and architecture always have been connected. If PALESTRINA’s (Ger., Eng.) beautiful constructions of sound are fed from the same sources as the ideas that let to the Gothic Cathedrals, if BACH’s (Ger., Eng.) strongly (and ruthlessly) composed fugues correspond with Baroque (Ger., Eng.) buildings, what does ACDC resemble? Constructed it is what we hear, layer upon layer, no doubt, based on a bell:



I fled from the bookmines in the middle of this week. I longed for my own bed, my own desk, and – above all – for silence. As much as I admire that the elite crop of the Franconian, Bavarian, and what-not young farmers is educated there, to the highest standards blablabla – all I can say is, that man itself, especially aged under twenty-five, is goddamn loud. People seemingly can not stand silence. The constant “bonkbonkbonk” drove me nuts: “Bonk” in the house where I should sleep; “bonk” from the festivities that started this month, because they had their last exams; “bonk” from the place over the street where three-weekly balls are held in favour for the different schools – yes a good invention and institution, but shut the fuck up after three in the morning, will yah basteds!
I just needed to sleep, and that is what I did – basically – for the last three days.
I sleep into the morning there, go to my bureau sometime around midday. There is a late afternoon break (Abendmensa), maybe something needs to be bought or what ever, and I am back to my desk 20:00 latest; serious work until 22:00 or 23:00, then hanging around the web, going to bed between 02:00 and 03:00 – so I avoid the noise mostly. And: Sometime after 21:00 the internet connection via stick is better.
To put this larmoyant whimpering into perspective: I love this job! The work in the bookmines is great – one of the best contracts I had in years: My client/customer/orderer, how ever you want to call it, is giving me all liberties and best backing support I could ever ask for, there is no damn reason I could moan.
And I do not.
All I want is quiet. Silentium. Maybe the only alternative is a chartreuse. A friend saied that I probably would be confronted with reality – or better with my own version of it.
Yes, it is true: My reality has nothing to do with farmer’s bonk, maybe I’m just in a dream.

*Lehrbuch der Deutschen Stylistik für Studienschulen und Gymnasien. Bearbeitet von Joh[ann] Georg Beilhack, 2.umgearbeitete Auflage, München 1835, S.1

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  1. Thank you very much, XL, an interesting version!

    LEAH! Dear God, where have you been in hiding? Are you sending greetings from the dark side (id est farcebooke)? COme back to the light, sister!

    Ohropax rules okay, Joyce, the ear-piece that gives ear-peace. Seriously their products are great after a bit of getting used to it.

  2. A good idea, Austere, but I doubt that intelligent music would have any impact on them at three in the morning. But maybe good headphones and a nice selection of Indian classic would help me!
    You refer to the Ohropax? They are really great, very helpful.

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