Sunday Music

The clock races towards midnight (no, don’t fear, not another version of Around Midnight or Zero Hour), it’s time to crawl into bed and catch a few hours sleep, before to travel again in the damndarkmorning (thank you, Savannah!) – that actually is not too dark these days. I enjoy to look out of the train and to compare how fields, meadows, gardens changed over the week or the weekend. In Middlefranconia are some very small roads running parallel to the tracks, lined still with old wooden posts, accompanied by a not straightened creek – it’s always a bit like looking back forty or more years.
When the train climbs out of the valley of the river Main it runs on a kind of plain, but has to climb another small escalation and there, when one knows when to look, are two or three occasions to grasp a panoramic prospect over the land towards the Steigerwald. I feel better and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Here comes a small piece by PURCELL, I hope you enjoy it.
Have a good week!




4 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank you Joyce, the night was short and quiet.

    I am sorry to dissappoint you, XL, but we are remarkably undersupplied with waterfalls here. Maybe there is one in the Fränkische Schweiz, but I am not sure about this.

  2. Sounds like a lovely train ride even if the day begins early. Sometimes watching the waking of the world is a pleasant way to start the day. Glad to hear you are looking forward to it!

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