Do You know what kind of object the picture(s) show?
And if you know, can you name it?
I’d really want to know how to call this thing. I know what it does and what it is used for, but can not come up with a German name for this, forget an English one – suggestions welcome!

And if You may have no idea what it’s function is – just guess please, and let me know  … !




Sorry for the background, it’s the kitchen table of my grandfather from the thirties, I use it for storing books and –  thingies.

14 thoughts on “Thingy

  1. My guess is that Der Thingy is a door stop.

    Your grandfather’s antique table sounds interesting. Is it something like a Bauhaus design? May we see a pix of the table?

  2. Sorry, XL, no doorstop. Alfred’s tabel? A far cry from Bauhaus, more like “let’s hammer it together in the stable and drag it over the yard into the kitchen; if need be we can burn it too.”

    Sorry MsScarlet, ther is nothing breaking off with that screw. What is a “finger pull”?

    And the Oscar goes to – Anna! Fensterladenhalter, I did not know the word Ladenmännchen. I think in the Anglo-Saxon part of the world Fensterläden are constructed differently, so there simply is no need to invent a Ladenmänncen.

  3. All is well, C.

    Mission accomplished, dear Squirrel!

    It’s more like the family hammer, there was a “Married with Children” episode about this. Alfred btw built a house, and until his old age was a pretty strong fellow. Diabetes finally got him, the decline was fast and pretty devastating. He spent his last days in Kursk again.

    I like him too, MsScarlet.

    No lets see whether I can bring up a post with this lousy funky stick …

  4. I think it was one of the early ones, but may be wrong. I love the one when St. Nikolaus slams into their garage, I think it’s the only time the Bundys win something.

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