Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Jules MASSENET  (1842-1912) (Ger., Eng.) wrote a very fine little piece, Elegie (notes here) that we hear performed by a very young Giuseppe di STEFANO (1921-2008) (Ger., Eng., obit.), one Eduardo MULLER at the piano I could not identify, recorded Lausanne 1944. I hope you like it.

We had heavy rain and thunder through the night; its more or less constantly raining through the day, but not necessarily became cooler – it’s more like a giant sauna now.
At the bookmines the annual Tag der offenen Tür, the open day, is thankfully over – more than thirty thousand people flooded the area, the fair with agricultural technic and modern machines was held even two days longer. Now things go back to normal. The students will soon leave for semester vaccation, what means nights without Bonk (yeah!), and there is even a small chance that I can see the house where the books will finally be stored.

I hope we’ll have a successfull week all around!




5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. xl says:

    Nice musical selection.

    It has been hot (+100f/38c) here. When I awoke at 02:00 this morning there were rain drops on the windows. An hour later they had all evaporated.

    Wishing you a Bonkless week!

  2. 32° C was the highest this week. Now at the early evening it cools down.
    At the end of the month the bonkers will leave and not return, because it’s the last class useing the house as student’s dormitory. There will be some renovation and it will be used as guest house. I think this will lower the possible bonklevel perceptibly, because only few guest arriving for a seminar or such will carry their large bonkboxes and music collections (preferably bonk) with them. There will be a Abschlussfete (Superbonk), but there is always my bureau, bonkfree, mostly.

  3. Thank you – the taste speakes for itself, and says “Mampf me!”.
    BTW just this minute (seriously) a friend called and invited me to see Mr. Zimmermann in Mergentheim on Thursday – ha, alte Säcke im Schlosspark!

  4. I had a weekend wandering about, so I’m just trying to catch up with all your news.

    This makes for a lovely start to the week.

    Danke. Merci. Thank you! xx

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