Sunday Music

Sunday Music

I thought about putting up a song / video by Mr. DYLAN, but most I found were either of poor quality, too long, or damn gema would not allow me to see it “in my country”. I thought the web would have put an end to this parochial thinking, but I live and learn.
I also learned that what critics write is not necessarily true. Some recent articles in the German press described Mr. DYLAN as standing more or less unmoved on stage, bleating out not understandable lines of text and now and then hammering on a piano – this may be a bit exaggerated by me. In fact we saw a relaxed Mr. DYLAN on Friday in Bad Mergentheim, smiling, laughing, enjoying himself, the band and the show. I heard a fundamentally funny version of “The levee’s gonna break” (setlist here, thank you XL). He deconstructed the old songs, melted them down and poured it into new forms, so saving them.
Trawling youtube I somehow came onto early documentaries and art films, and decided that it’s time to have a short piece of film again.
The great Paul STRAND (1890-1976) (Ger., Eng.) together with Charles SHEELER (1883-1965) (Ger., Eng.) made a short film in 1921 titled Manhatta. I hope you enjoy it.

Wherever your personal Manhatta may be, I hope you’ll have a good and successful week there.




3 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Princess says:

    Great find Mr Mags… I love old footage like this…
    It is nice to see that people made an effort to dress properly…. Hats and all!
    The Lucitania! sister ship to the Titanic!

  2. xl says:

    Dylan’s impressive catalog of work staggers the imagination. He draws upon that to put together a unique performance for each show. I personally have enjoyed each Dylan show I have attended.

    One rather obscure Dylan song I have not seen him perform is All The Tired Horses.


  3. It’s alwas astounding how the moda changed, how people dressed, what was the norm; how people worked and built … manmade in it’s truest sense.

    I never heared this, XL, I just know the “Wild Horses” and have a vague memory of “White Horse(s)”, but can not connect it with an artist.
    There’s a gomma too …

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