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I am sorry for this: I just saw that that there were some articles categorized as “Uncategorized” – something I do not like, because I try to keep this Gelaber sorted – well: categorized. I just  looked at the old articles and changed the “tags” or however it is called (it’s Schlagwort in German), clicked them boxes and finally said “Aktualisieren”. I have no clue (and did not intend it to happen) why this articles were published again as new.

It’s in the middle of the night and all the bonksters sleep. It was a fine day: What I love about this place is that there is so much sky. The horizon is far away, you look up and in the big blue tremendous clouds are travelling. It is such a difference from Lower Franconia, where you either are trapped in a valley of a river, or you find yerself on a kind of plain looking at the next best ridge, like the Steigerwald or the Spessart. The scenery is terribly great here, open space. The books ae doing well, they like to breathe a little – and I like to open all the windows from the second I come into the bureau until the darkness, I only close them when I have to switch on the lights. The night creatures loving my lamps may stay out please. Another great company besides the books are the birds. The storks are gently flying around, all kind of lovely swallows are racing around the house – I just love them little feather balls. In some weeks they will all travel south. So, nothing to report from here, just books’n birds.

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  1. Books and birds are good! Sounds like you are in my type of landscape: prairie. Big sky country. Flatlander’s paradise! :-)

  2. It’s amazing, Ponita – I always lived in valleys: I grew up in the valley of the river ITZ, lived in the valley of the river NECKAR (for nearly twenty years), studied and lived for the last humpfngthierties years (too long in any case) in the valley of the river MAIN – and now this! But the birds were always nice.

  3. You know Jandl? Try his “Persönlicher Marsch” -I’m not sure about the title, just read it XL:
    “Books. Bugs. Boxes. Birds. Bureau. Bonksters. Bungt!”
    is konkrete Poesie – as always a question of rhythm. How would you seperate the stances – wie unterteilst Du die Verse?

    (sorry, have to sleep now, see you in a few hours)

  4. I will stay in the Valleys as I always have, I prefer to be hugged by mountains. Your description does soud nice though. I do like to be up high sometimes to look out for miles. It’s souds as if you are doing well and for that I am grateful. Take Care,

  5. Thank you all for dropping by and the good wishes. Time is racing, the weekend blurred by and this Monday morning sees me travelling again. Take good care!

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