Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Julian BREAM (Ger., Eng., interview) plays A Fancy by John DOWLAND (Ger., Eng.) – hope you enjoy it.
The week was more or less un-eventful. A very good thing is the coming semesterbreak, die großen Ferien – it becomes notably quieter in the bookmines, all the bonksters take their bonk-machines and bonk towards the horizon and beyond. Sadly some will return. I already may have mentioned that the house I am sleeping in will be used differently from August onwards, there will be a bit of redecoration but no major building activity. That means that I will be the sole inhabitant of the building until October, a very good prospect.
Maybe I can blog a bit more often now.
Have a good week!





16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Princess says:

    Is it sunday already? I’ve been ill and lost a week somewhere…
    Nice bit of musica thanks Mr Mags….

    Oh hai Miss Scarlet… Mr Lax…

  2. “Honk if you bonk” – do not make the bongsters think, MsScarlet, I am glad that they stop bonking for some weeks now! The honk-bonk will return in September …

    Sorry to hear this, XL – use it as r&r time, refit and recreation!

    And the weekend is over already, dear Princess – this year is an outperformer, really …

    The instrument may be a lute, Laute, Eryl, the tune is called “A Fancy” (if I may trust the uploader, I can not find my CD with Lautenmusik now), and DOWLAND wrote three aires called A Fancy I-III if I remember it right – but please correct me if I’m wrong with this.

  3. Maybe she met a yodeling cowboy or such, Norma Desmond

    You are never late, Z and Macy – I just had to spent the evening with friends eating fine food and talking about this and that, an exhausting job, really.

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