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Sometimes I think the weekends are more busy than the normal weekdays working at the bookmine. Next week the last students will move out from the dormitory and I’ll be the only inhabitant, the other schools at the place have the semester break – and silence falls over Middle Franconia, yippeeh! Later in August I’ll have a Gehülfe, assistant, to help me with the boxes and the photographing, but right now I’m looking forward a quiet and relaxed week on my own. And because somehow yodeling was mentioned in the comments on last week’s music selection, we will hear a nice and gentle waltz by W.A.C. CARTER (1904-1996) (Ger., Eng., bio) – hope you enjoy it.



20 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Manners: Thank you for the link, XL! This is all new to me, seriously. I think I never saw Roy Rogers on tv here.
    Have you read the text the uploader of the video wrote about the bookstore and the collection of “78er”? As First Nations called it, liquid dinosaur gets a nice warm sound.

  2. I watched his show every Saturday morning on TV. It was mostly western adventures where they caught the bad guys. If I remember correctly, if he used his gun, it was only to shoot the gun out of the hand of the bad guy.

    I didn’t care much for the singing cowboy part.

  3. Just think you can still see his horse because Roy had Trigger stuffed along with Bullet the dog. They were out in a parade about two months ago. Have a great week. I never heard Roy yodel. His song was “Happy Trails” if I remember correctly.

  4. Welcome here dear Joyce, you have not written on your blog for some time and so I am glad very to see that you visit and read here! The song is written and performed by Mr. CARTER and the person who loaded it up on youtube used the picture of Roy ROGERS, I have no idea why. I can say that I never have heared or seen Mr. ROGERS, or his horse or dog. He must be a celebrity in the US. CARTER by the way is a born Canadian as I learned from the wikipedia article. And before I stumbled upon this video I had not heared of him either. There is definitely a lot to discover out there!

    I am sorry that I have not been as often at your place as I liked to be, LGS, thank you for dropping by. Here is something I found only yesterday, just to let you know, I can not participate in the conference in October. There is a person from KL giving a lecture.
    And yes: This evening is quiet! All the bonksters moved out today, the dormitory is empty, I am the only one left. The library building is also quiet, because additional rooms that were given to students, are now empty too. It’s full moon, the storchs are chatting among themselves and now and then I hear sounds from the cows: It’s definitely another planet for the next weeks!

  5. The quiet is a godsend gift for me, Austere.

    “Move from Hell” – ? Oh dear, did something go wrong after all, dear MsScarlet?

    (Btw – I hope this comment goes through, yesterday tries (trys?) were totally unsucessfull. But now it’s quiet (!), the little connectivity thing shows five small bars, everything should work -?)

  6. Exactly! That’s the way it is! Today I shifted through Atlanten and maps, beautifully printed items, in dirty and stained covers, you look at them and think “What the heck!”, open them and find wounderful colourful prints on white (!) paper.
    I carried around boxes and had some action with the vacuum cleaner today – ha! – so I am a exhausted. Plus there is thunder rolling in and I see lighting in the East-east -South. Travelling towmorrow, just have to make clear for my assistant next week, so see you next (Franconian) night, LX.

  7. Hey – you were here before I wrote the last comment – the time warp is really real here! In some places (and minds) it’s still 1938.
    Sorry now the thunder is really over my head, I have to quit, Der blaue Engel soll uns noch recht lange erhalten bleiben! See you tomorrow.

  8. Very bad things have happened to me since we last spoke.
    In a nutshell, I am moving back to where I came from. Solicitors are involved so I will hold my breath until it is all done and dusted. But it might be one of the craziest stories EVER – that’s if I can get a sense of perspective on it.

  9. I am the rabid one… hence the need to employ a cool, calm solicitor. Oh dear. What a mess. And I appear to be writing this in Mr Mag’s comment box and not my own!! This is how confused I am.
    But, I received my postcard from MJ this morning – a bright spot in my gloom. Apparently she is in 1967… which seems like a good a place as any right now.

  10. You can do in my commentbox whatever you want, dear MsScarlet … and when you zig-zag over the map of the UK, remember what the great Alfred Lawson saied: Zig-zag and swirl!

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