Sunday Music

Time to revert to the usual schedule, with Sunday Music actually on Sunday. I spent this weekend mostly sleeping. The light, the air and the leaves show the first hints of autumn, so it’s time to step out and have a nice walk – preferably towards a castle on a hill where one can pick up something to eat and enjoy a fine prospect over the land – Trimburg is it.

Here comes a little piece, a Menuett (Ger., Eng.), by GULDA (Ger., Eng.) played by himself. If you like, compare it with this version for cello (Ger., Eng.) and small orchestra.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. One of my former co-workers was an accomplished cellist in several local orchestras and ensembles. He just worked as an IT geek to pay the bills.

    PS: I’m watching David Gilbour: Live In Gdansk as I type.

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