Sunday Music

This was seemingly the hottest day in this summer; even now – around midnight Franconian time – the heat stands outside the house like a brick wall. The week was uneventful, just packed with work, tomorrow will see me jumping on the train again in the damndarkmorning*, but: a cool morning it will be, yippieh!
Over the last two weeks a colleague joined me for photographing, we made good progress – and had the luxury of a car at hand. I will miss this for transporting crates of water into my bureau, but that is all: I missed travelling by train and bus a bit, because looking into the scenery and landscape is more interesting than staring at the asphalt and trying not to get hit by boy racers and kamikaze BMWs.

Here comes a short piece by BRUBECK and friends, hope you like it, and that you will have a peaceful and stress-free week.

* Invented by Savannah!




13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I liked Brubeck’s music when he was doing it. I wonder also why you had to haul water. My car was down for a week and I was home bound and I didn’t like it. I agree on the value of train travel. I did 13 states in one trip. Now that was fun.

  2. It’s fine music, Z … I have to read your posts about childhood memories.

    “Crates of water” – a direct translation of the German Wasserkasten, LX. On second thought a very strange word, because there can not be a “crate of water”. It’s a crate containing bottles filled with water. Yes, drinking water, because I have in this house here only one lavabo, and it resisted my concentrated cleaning activities, not totally, but I do not want to drink from this tap.

    When Brubeck played (I think he is still performing, must be in his ninties or so), I was a toddler. I hope your car is up and running again, Joyce.


    So HOT, Savannah!

    Nice to learn that you cooled down a bit, dear MsScarlet

    I do not want to use the tap water in this house, Austere. Normally I filled a large bottle in the guesthouse with tabwater, but with the colleague here we bought bottled water, and had the car to carry it to this place. Without the car I would have to carry it in a crate for some kilometers over the meadows. Now I will use the tabwater again, it is drinking water: This institution is very proud of being independent, so they produce their own energy and of course manage their water sources. But I heared from various people that the water situation here in Middle Franconia is not so well this year, months ago the farmers already saied that it would become a problem. The torching heat, that will stay here for some time, is not helping.

  3. I did have a funny image in my head to the phrase “crate of water”. I was thinking if the crate was lined with calf gut or some such lining the water would be trasported by wood crate just fine, but you do not live in mediveal times so your lining for practical purposes is plastic of course. 🙂

    Take Care,

  4. I use and can highly recommend a Brita water filter pitcher. It filters tap water to become something very much like bottled water. I plan to bring a Brita filter bottle for my next stay in Berlin. No hassles with transporting wasserkasten or pfand.

  5. In antique and even inmedieval times wine was transported in goat skins. And when it was empty one could make music with it – basically what the Scots do still today …

    I totally forgot the water filters – thank you for the reminder LX!

    The 0,25 € are for “Einwegflaschen”, bottles only used one time. They have a certain logo that is read by a machine, the apparatus crunches the bottle and gives you a bon. Note: The logo is printed on the ettikette, so do not loose it, f.e. when cooling your bottle in a running water or such.
    Beer bottles with normal Kronkorken are 0,08 €, those with Bügelverschluß (PLOPP) 0,15 € (if I remember it right). Any other bottles – juices, whatever – and glasses – yogurth (!) – are 0,15 €, regardless whether they are made from glass or plastics.

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