Sunday Music

It’s a bit like if someone has turned the switch: Click – and here is Herbst, harvest, autumn. The sky is cloudy and dramatic, a steady cool breeze makes brown and yellow leaves rustle and crinkle. Most of the trees and bushes are still green, but here and there  a colourful one flames out. The fields are displaying different browns, from greyish light to the dark tones of fresh ploughed land. Weizen, Gerste, Hafer are already harvested, Zuckerrüben and here and there a bit Mais are still out. I miss the smell of the autumn fires of my childhood: The farmers burnt leaves and left overs on the fields, the smoke was grey and spicy, the clothes smelt even some days afterwards.
Looking for some music brought me to Tindersticks (Ger., Eng.), Fire of Autumn – how fitting. So let’s gently flow a bit, hope you enjoy it.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It’s still so hot here that it’s hard to imagine the distant Autumn.

    I can, however, remember the Zuckerrüben stacked in the rolling Franconian fields.

  2. Although it remains bitterly cold here the fruit trees have all burst into flower this week! I think you are right… someone has flicked the switch… Roll on Spring!

  3. We are not yet in the Zuckerrüben-stacking-phase, they are still in the earth producing sugar, XL, but it’s not far away. I saw a notice that the Weinbauern are looking for helping hands, hey will start to collect the grapes in the next weeks. It will depend on September and October how the next Jahrgang will come out – but it could be a good one.

    Yes, the switch was flicked, dear Princess, the temperature sunk, the air is cooler but the sun still has all her strength.

    Summer is over, Macy – is there something like autumn in Scotland or are you just heading for greyness and winter. The heating is not yet used around here, this will take another four weeks or so.

    Rain in Savannah … You must have rolling skies there … I can not imagine your area as grey and foggy, Savannah – we could use a bit of rain now.

  4. I miss the autumn brush/clearing fires too! I think I was twelve the last time cleared the brush and had a great potluck of family food. I’ve been thinking about my dead relatives a lot lately…


  5. It’s been pissing down with rain here today much like yesterday and the day before that. Grim. Like to do things once in a blue moon? Well, we’re expecting one on Friday. I shall be helping Carmen to turn over the matresses and sweep up behind the fridge.

  6. Cool, crisp mornings here but hot as blazes afternoons.

    Summer is holding on fast but there’s a hint of Autumn in the air with the lower overnight temperatures.

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