There’s Always Something …

The housing shortage seems to have hit Middle Franconia hard, so that people feel the need to camp in my bureaurooms at the bookmines while I’m away. They could at least be so friendly and remove the old t-shirts and shreds of paper their dogs fabricated, and the uneaten peaches they stole from the garden up the road. Manners …
Anyway nothing happened to the books and the electronic goodies I have here are also untouched. Ah the countryside, a hotbed of crime.


6 thoughts on “There’s Always Something …

  1. Not yet XL, the Bonkers are remarkably quiet – and it’s too cool outside for the lawn bonk in the evening; the inhouse bonk will start soon, but at the moment there’s still silence; the house I sleep in now is newly built and seems to be insulated very well.
    Regarding the picture – a glimpse of heaven!

    Too true, Joyce, ethics and manners are a bit rare these days.

    About time you dropped by Knudsen!

    Maybe the natural magic of the written word and the book, the holy awe the uneductaed feels in front of the magical signs he does not understand … I should not read old anthropological literature, Austere

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