Sunday Music

Oh dear oh dear, what a week it was. And I am not too sure about what this Monday will bring. Don’t worry, it’s alright with me, it’s only trouble around the bookmines, but not in the mines. Maybe I can explain it in some days.
I’m a bit late with Sunday Music this weekend, sorry about this. Now I need a bit calming, gentle music, so here is TRENET’S (Ger., Eng.) La Mer (Ger., Eng.) in the version of Kurt HOHENBERGER (Personensuche) from 1948 – hope you enjoy it.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What a lovely little seaside adventure… Just the thing to sooth an angry moment… It’s nice to see people took pride in what they wore to the seaside… So much more easier on the eyes than than what one might be confronted with these days! Have a peace filled week Mr Mags

  2. Many thanks, dear Princess, Dein Wort in Gottes Gehörgang … but I am expecting not too much now. The nonsense is not yet over. Excuse me now, my bed is calling, travelling tomorrow.

  3. Mercy chere XL – and thank you for showing me this purify-utility, a very helpful little program!

    All is well, do not worry MsScarlet – today and tomorrow I have to do hours, Wednesday is declared national holiday for unclear reasons.

    Roses – darling! How I missed to knuffel your dressing gown – welcome back!

  4. Please excuse my very late answer to you, Roses, Savannah, Austere! Things have cleared, no worries, all will be smooth. I just have to work my arse off in the coming week, but I’ll do this happily!

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